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Until recently, alternative rock band Paramore had been on their “Self-Titled Tour,” which began in February of 2013. Over the course of the tour, where the average ticket price was $79, the band played over 160 shows on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. In support of their 2013 platinum-certified self-titled album, Paramore made stops in some of the world’s largest and most famous venues, such as Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.




What People Are Talking About

Marshawn Lynch Speaks

Source: YouTube.com

As most football fans already know, Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like talking to the media after games, often giving them the same short answer over and over when asked questions. However, Skittles finally got Lynch to talk for this mock interview, which he most likely agreed to because they placed a giant bowl of his favorite candy placed right in front of him, and of the course the fact he has an endorsement deal with company. In this video we learn many new things about Lynch, such as he enjoys watching cat videos over dog videos and he would prefer to take a blimp to the stadium over taking a jetpack. But for anyone thinking Lynch turned over a new leaf and would start speaking to the media in a real setting, think again. On media day this past Tuesday Lynch answered every question with, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”


My Top 5 Super Bowl Quarterbacks of All-Time

The storylines in play at this season's Super Bowl seem endless. They go from stupid and overblown (deflategate) to historic (New England Head Coach Bill Belichick going for a record-tying fourth title). One of my favorites though is the match-up of quarterbacks. On one side you have Tom Brady, the 37 year-old veteran playing in his sixth Super Bowl; and on the other side you have Russell Wilson, the third-year player and defending champion. The NFL is a quarterback driven league, and it often takes a great quarterback to become a champion. Everyone has a list of their top Super Bowl QBs, so I decided to take a crack at it myself:

#1. Tom Brady

Yes, I am biased. Yes, I am a New England Patriots fan. In this case, however, I think I have a pretty strong argument. This is his aforementioned sixth time playing in the big game, winning three times before. The other two times, the Pats lost late in the fourth quarter. He is a few breaks away from winning all five. He has won two game MVPs and now is the all-time leader in postseason touchdown passes. You can make an argument for other players, but it's tough to knock the credentials of Brady.

#2. Joe Montana

While I have Brady slightly ahead, most other people place Joe Montana at the top of their lists, and with good reason. Montana played in and won all four times he appeared in the Super Bowl. He was game MVP three of those times, and in the only game he didn't win MVP, he led the 49ers on a last minute drive to win the game.


Winter Storm Juno Event Cancellations and Postponements

Updated 1/27/15 10:56am

Blizzard warnings for Winter Storm Juno

A blizzard is forecast to hit the Northeastern area of the United States from late Monday to Wednesday. Lots of snow and high winds will make driving very difficult at times on those days. With that in mind, some bands and teams have begun postponing their events.

This list below lists events that have been postponed or cancelled. Keep in mind that the list is by no means an exhaustive list. If you are planning to attend any kind of event in the Northeast on late Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, please check the website for the event, other outreach sources like Twitter and Facebook, and local media for additional news.

On Broadway, Aladdin and The Lion King are CANCELLED for Tuesday, according to the Broadway league's website. You can see other theater updates below.


Rush will Embark on 40th Anniversary Tour in May

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Rush, will be hitting the road in 2015 for their “R40 Live Tour,” which will be in celebration of the band’s 40th anniversary. The tour, which you can find tickets for here, will kick off on May 8th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and wrap up on August 1st in Los Angeles after making stops in 35 cities across the United States and Canada.

While the set list has yet to be announced, it has been confirmed they will be performing popular songs from throughout the band's career since this tour isn’t in support of a single album. This means concertgoers are sure to hear classics such as “The Spirit of Radio,” “Fly By Night,” and “Tom Sawyer.”



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