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When Shonda Breaks Your Heart

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Ten songs for those moments when Shonda Rhimes obliterates all your hopes and dreams for your favorite characters.


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Whether you’ve been glued to Grey’s Anatomy for 11 seasons, are hooked on How to Get Away with Murder (because Viola Davis is the best that ever is, was, or will be), or cannot handle how often Scandal features Kerry Washington drinking so much red wine while wearing that much white, we all know there is a sneaky universal Shonda Truth: do not trust her. Shonda will break your heart. This past week, she did it again (no spoilers for those who have the episode recorded, though I do recommend avoiding all social media until you hit “play.”)

The only thing Shonda and her team do better than crushing us is picking spot-on music to accompany our heartbreak. Here are our top 10 songs for self-soothing (or maybe giving into the hurt) for when Ms. Rhimes inevitably does it again.

10. James Taylor, “Fire and Rain”

Because Shonda makes us see and feel that fire and rain. Because we know the madness of unrequited love – we love Shonda, and she loves us not. Or at least, she keeps killing off awesome character to whom we’ve grown inappropriately attached.


Major Onsales This Week: James Taylor, Motley Crue, and More

James Taylor

James Taylor is going on tour this summer in support of his latest album, Before This World. Sixteen tour dates go on sale today.

Motley Crue

Earlier this week, the metal band announced a set of new dates for their final tour. Onsales today and tomorrow include shows in Buffalo, NY; San Diego, CA; and Dallas, TX.

Josh Groban

Traditional pop singer Josh Groban has set a tour with dates this fall. Twenty-four concerts go on sale today, including New Orleans, LA; Pittsburgh, PA; Albany, NY; Detroit, MI; and Atlanta, GA.


SoCal Songs: Sublime and Incubus Keep On Keepin' On

I am a child of the ‘90s. I am a[n older] Millennial who was raised amid oddball Presidential races (Dana Carvey is Ross Perot in my memory), the changing landscapes and shrinking world of globalization, and the nouveau-hippie movement of the ‘90s.  Our jeans were Jnco, our sunglasses were Oakleys, and our preference in music was apparently mostly shirtless and heavily influenced by weed. In other words, Southern California was the epicenter of non-grunge rock for the years between 1992 and 2004. We came of age listening to 40 Ounces to Freedom in our parents’ Toyota Corollas and sneaking alcohol into Incubus concerts in SoBe bottles. It was a ridiculous time, but at least our pants offered a distraction from how absurd the rest of it was.

In honor of the fact that Sublime with Rome is currently touring, and to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to be deluded into thinking to ska/reggae is best performed by some white guys from SoCal, please enjoy a turn with the late Brad Nowell in the video for my favorite Sublime tune, Badfish.

As to one of the more artistic videos to come out of the age when MTV actually played them, I proffer Incubus’ Drive. Part A-Ha, part late-‘90s ego-fest, and thoroughly SoCal, please enjoy the compelling self-drawn video that highlights Brandon Boyd’s skills with a pencil as much as those with a microphone.


Find tickets to Incubus and Sublime with Rome when they make stops near you this summer. And don’t forget the SoBe.

What's Trending Wednesday: 2015 NFL Schedule Released

What's Trending Image

Okay football fans, while you still have to wait five months for the NFL season to begin, you now know when your favorite team will be matched up against which opponent. Last night, the National Football League released the 2015 NFL schedule via a primetime special. The program, which aired on the NFL Network, announced the schedule for all 256 regular season games and also featured an analysis of the schedule and meaningful matchups.

Although the NFL schedule was released last night, it was in late December when the NFL released each team’s home and away opponents for the 2015 season. Some may ask why the schedule isn’t just released simultaneously, but it’s not as simple as one may believe. There are many factors contributing to a schedule for a league which consists of 32 teams, each of which play 16 games. Some of the more important circumstances include broadcast requirements, stadium availability, competitive balance, as well as travel factors. In terms of scheduling, everything needs to be as fair and balanced as possible for the teams, while also featuring compelling matchups for the fans.



Research by Michael Merritt

Guess Who

Image from SWNS.com via The Dail Mail

With every new date for a top event, whether Kanye or Britney, Wicked or West Ham, fans with less-than-bottomless pockets sometimes cringe. It’s extremely rare to hear a true music lover ever state that they regret digging deep for those nosebleeds to see their longtime favorite musician, but before they make the commitment, many will lament the cost. For Rolling Stones fans, high ticket prices are part and parcel with their fandom.

A quote from Rolling Stone highlights fans’ displeasure:

"Can the Rolling Stones actually need all that money… How much can the Stones take back to Merrie England after taxes, anyway? How much must the British manager and the American manager and the agency rake off the top?...  [It] says a very bad thing to me about the artists' attitude towards the public. It says they despise their own audience."

And that quote was published in the November 15, 1969 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. You can read the whole piece here, it’s definitely worth a peruse.  As per the date of original publication, concertgoers were being asked to fork over $8.50 tops for tickets to the Stones’ tour supporting their album Let It Bleed. At the time, other top acts like The Doors had ticket prices topping out at $6.50. Today, that would get you a venti frappucino and a dirty look from the barista because you’d have nothing left for the tip.

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