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Derek Zoolander Rejects You

DMBWe all know these people, the superfans. The ultimate band enthusiasts who follow their favorite groups on tour or see them as many times as humanly possible on the rare occasion they hit the road, willing to mortgage houses and max out credit cards because each show might be The Show. (And if you ask them, each show IS The Show. “You shoulda been there, maaaan.”) Now, these superfans also tend to have a strange and obnoxious shared habit of, how shall I say, overly familiar address of their chosen icon. That is, they call their favorite musicians by their first names.

Dave Matthews Band is just “Dave.”

Trey AnastasioThe Trey Anastasio Band is just “Trey.”

Taylor Swift is “Taylor.”

Britney Spears is “Britney,” though to be entirely fair, she did once sing, “it’s Britney, bitch,” so maybe that’s her preferred form of address.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are just “Demi” and “Selena” respectively, which rankles because the only Selena in my book was the Tejano superstar.

Jimmy BuffettJimmy Buffett becomes “Jimmy” while Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is “Bruce,” or rather a resounding, “Bruuuuuuce,” if I’m being entirely factual.

And every member of every boyband ever before and since Justin Timberlake has simply been called their first names – or in the case of certain bands, a mashup of a few first names. Because shipping coworkers seems like a normal thing in our culture now.

Now, I realize that these artists, deep down, are just regular people* who, in all likelihood, probably do occasionally get called their given name… by their parents, and their friends, and like, the guy at the deli who knows how they like their organic, free-range capicola sliced or whatever. Not you, superfan, not you.

Listen, I know listening to an artist, stanning an artist, doing whatever it is you do on Twitter and with fanfic makes you feel a certain amount of familiarity with the person and their work. That said, you’re not Dave’s brah, brah. And no, if you ask me if I’m “going to Dave,” the answer is always no, even if I might have tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band.

*Except Miss Swift. I really doubt she’s a regular person; point of fact, I suspect she might be a pod person, as her navel is almost exclusively missing in action.

A Very Happy Birthday to Van the Man

Van Morrison

Since I’ve already written about my long-time love for The Band, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am also a Van Morrison fan. Today marks the singer’s 70th birthday, and as his prerogative, he will celebrate his milestone with a live show. This year, he’s performing two concerts in his hometown of Belfast, Ireland.

The picturesque and tree-lined Cyprus Avenue that lent its name to one of his most beloved songs will be transformed into an intimate venue for two shows with just enough elbow room for the most devoted fans. Catering to his worldwide fandom who many not have been able to secure tickets, BBC Radio Ulster will broadcast one of the shows this afternoon, while a recording will be shown on TV in the next few days.




Week in Review

The End of One Direction?


Last week, the wildly popular boy band, One Direction announced they will begin an extended hiatus next March after the release of their fifth studio album. Although this is only rumored to be a “hiatus,” everyone (who cares about the band) is left to speculate if the four will ever reconcile. The hiatus, which will last for at least a year will give the group’s remaining members some rest and will allow them to work on their solo careers. The break also means there will be no tour in support of their upcoming album, so you better see them in concert while you have the chance!

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks has at least two shows on sale today for his Milwaukee, WI, stops this September. As always with Brooks, be on the lookout for more!
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Stevie Wonder

Two more November dates for Stevie Wonder's long-running current tour go on sale today and tomorrow.
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Paul McCartney

The Beatle has five shows on sale today and Monday for additional October dates on his "Out There" tour, including Detroit.
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Yard Goats unite! Best Minor League Baseball Team Names

MiLB Team Name Image

For those who do not know, TicketNetwork is headquartered in central Connecticut, just a few miles outside of Hartford - aka the future home of a new minor league baseball team, the Hartford Yard Goats. If you live around here, you know that the new team nickname hasn’t exactly been met with glowing reviews.

Well, all you negative people out there, I have some news for you - Yard Goats is a fantastic nickname!

Why? It's minor league baseball. Teams around the country have ridiculous nicknames, which ultimately helps with marketing their teams. Take the Yard Goats as an example; following the announcement, people across the country were talking about the team thanks to Twitter mentions from places like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Now, Yard Goats merchandise is a hot-seller and people are genuinely interested in games next year.

And like I said, the Yard Goats are not the only team who has used awesomely strange nicknames. Here are my favorites:

Batavia Muckdogs

Affiliation: Short-Season Class-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins

I neither know where Batavia is located, nor what a Muckdog is, but who cares!


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