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Hello! After a couple weeks off (other than the special Thursday edition), we are back with another edition of "What people are talking about this week." This week we feature Lance Armstrong's major decision, LL Cool J's act of self defense, and one UFC fighter's controversial decision.

Lance Armstrong ends fight against illegal doping, may have titles pulled and be banned from cycling

Yesterday Lance Armstrong announced that he was ending his fight against charges of illegal doping by the US Anti-doping agency. He may face a lifetime ban from professional cycling and the loss of his seven Tour de France titles. Armstrong allegedly used performance-enhancing steroids as far back as his first win in 1999. However, Armstrong has consistently denied the charges, and says the International Cycling Union has jurisdiction in these matters, not the USADA. There does seem to be a political element to this case, one way or another, so it's well worth reading the linked article to get all sides of the story.

Jon Jones withdraws from UFC 151, promoting the event's cancellation

What do you do when your opponent has to withdraw from the UFC event you're headlining due to injuries? Withdraw your participation as well because you don't have enough time to prepare for the substitute, apparently. That is the argument that light heavyweight Jon Jones is making this week after his opponent, Dan Henderson, pulled out due to a knee injury. Though Jones was due to fight a substitute, Chael Sonnen, instead, the fighter maintained that the few days he had to prepare for the fight wasn't enough. The decision has been controversial, with supporters agreeing with Jones' argument, while critics suggest that he should be able to fight whomever is placed in front of him.

LL Cool J takes down burglar, detains him until police arrive

File this one in your "Don't burglarize a home unless you want to end up in pain" file. That's what happened to one Jonathan Kirby, 56, who allegedly broke into LL Cool J's home earlier this week. Kirby ended up with a broken nose and jaw, and in the rapper and actor's custody until police could arrive.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

2012 NFL Season Countdown: AFC West Preview

Over the past week or so, we have been previewing the upcoming NFL season by taking a look at the league divisions. Today we wrap up our previews of the AFC divisions by going over the wide-open AFC West. (To view previous NFL previews, click on any of the following division names: AFC East, AFC North, AFC South)

Denver Broncos

Top Broncos Games of 2012

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No team changed its identity as much as the Denver Broncos did this offseason. Gone is quarterback Tim Tebow, who dominated the headlines all of last season; he has been replaced by future Hall of Famer — and arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time — Peyton Manning. Tebow led the Broncos with his rushing, but now with Manning at the helm, Denver will feature one of the league's best passing attacks. Look for a Bronco wide receiver to have a breakout season.

Projection: The Broncos won the AFC West with an 8-8 record last year. They should improve by a few games in 2012 and narrowly beat out the Chargers for the division crown.