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If there's any band that can legitimately claim to be the band of pre-teens everywhere for the late 2000's, it's probably The Jonas Brothers. This was the go-to band for that group of people back when Justin Bieber and One Direction were respectively just some kids from Canada and the U.K.

What was initially intended to be focused around only Nick Jonas become something much bigger. The three brothers were signed, first to Columbia Records and then to Hollywood Records, and began recording and touring. They pretty quickly gained popularity, and four albums and five tours later you'd be hard pressed to find someone that didn't know about them. The brothers were more than just pop stars; they were TV and film stars, too, whether guest-starring on shows featuring other artists like Miley Cyrus or starring in their own productions.


2012 NFL Season Countdown: NFC South Preview

One week from today, the Giants and Cowboys kick off the 2012 NFL season. Seven days. Seven! Needless to say, I, along with millions of other NFL fans, cannot wait. We continue our countdown to the football season by continuing our preview of the NFL's eight divisions; today we take a look at the NFC South.

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Atlanta Falcons

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The 2011 season was marked by inconsistencies for the Falcons, but it was strong enough for the team to finish 10-6 and secure a spot in the playoffs. It was the team's second straight year in the postseason. Much of Atlanta's roster is identical to last year's, so the main core of talent, including QB Matt Ryan and RB Michael Turner, will need to step up if the Falcons hope to win the division.

Projection: With the Saints likely to take a step back in 2012, the Falcons are in prime position to capture the AFC South crown.