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In sports, there is nothing quite like a last second victory. That is unless you are the losing team. In the video below, you will see perhaps the greatest buzzer beater ever; at least, in this humble sports fan's opinion it is. The game pictured below is for the New York State Section 1 Class AA championship, making the shot all that more impressive. All I can say is congrats to New Rochelle High for winning, and I'm so, so sorry to Mount Vernon for having to live on the losing side of this game for all eternity.


This week is made up of a lot of continuing onsales for concerts, more baseball onsales for sports, and new productions of big shows for theater.


Average prices at for concert onsales*

Bob Dylan $266 »Buy Tickets
Brad Paisley $166 »Buy Tickets
Bob Seger $289 »Buy Tickets
  • Bob Dylan has a number of onsales on Friday in Maine, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He also has an onsale Saturday in Michigan and Monday in New York.
  • Brad Paisley has onsales this Thursday and Friday in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Virginia.
  • Brad Seger has onsales this Saturday in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.