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This week features one big onsale in O.A.R. and some mid-size ones.


Average prices at for concert onsales*

O.A.R. $155 »Buy Tickets
Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper $166 »Buy Tickets
Lynyrd Skynyrd $250 »Buy Tickets
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers $525 »Buy Tickets
Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake $310 »Buy Tickets
  • O.A.R. announced the dates for their summer tour last Friday. All 24 tour dates go on sale this upcoming Friday.
  • Six concerts on the Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper tour go on sale this Friday and Saturday.
  • The Lynyrd Skynyrd/Bad Company co-headlining XL Tour has three more shows onsale this weekend.
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers has onsales in Indiana, upstate New York, and Minnesota this weekend. They will have additional onsales next weekend.
  • Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake have an onsale tomorrow for their concert at Yankee Stadium.



In case you didn't know this, Justin Timberlake is kind of a big deal right now, especially with his latest tour announcement, his single "Suit and Tie," and his recent hosting-and-performing gig on SNL. (It was his fifth time on the show, by the way.) Since we're trying to keep everything PG-rated, that eliminates some of the SNL material, but here are some highlights from Saturday's show.

Five Timers Monologue

Justin's monologue includes some former SNL members and a handful of other random celebrities, including Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Candace Bergen, Tom Hanks, and Alec Baldwin. How's that for star power?