Guest post: No limits: The Top 5 athletes with disabilities

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The following is a guest post written by Dixie Somers.

Runner with carbon prosthetic leg

Several athletes who are faced with physical challenges have gone the distance and excelled in athletic performance. These athletes have been able to push through adversity while touching lives and inspiring millions of people worldwide. Here are five of the top athletes who have managed to excel in the sporting world despite of their disabilities.

Tom Dempsey

This football player did not let his disability stop him from becoming a legend in the sport. Born without any fingers or toes on his right hand and foot, this determined athlete had a special kicking shoe made so that he could still play. He even set a record in the NFL for his 63-yard field goal kick and managed to catapult the New Orleans Saints to victory during the final seconds of a game in 1970 against the Detroit Lions.



Kids react to Harlem Shake videos

Even if you're as over the Harlem Shake video craze as I am, this video is still pretty cute. Kids react to the Harlem Shake video/dance craze and express the hilarious stuff we're all thinking but don't say. And they do it in a much cuter way. My favorite reaction: "Stop it. Now! If you make one more video I will pull your brains out!" I hope my future child is as sassy as she is. (Also, the video includes the actual Harlem Shake!) Happy hump day!