What will a victory at the Masters mean for Tiger Woods?

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The following is a guest article by Phil Oscarson.


If someone told you five years ago that Tiger Woods would be the favorite to win the 2013 Masters, your reaction might have been something along the lines of "well, duh." But no one could have predicted what would occur in the next few years for the golf superstar, including a scandal, a divorce from his wife, and the most surprising of all, a dramatic loss of form that has led to a 0-14 run in major tournaments. But this year has seen the reemergence of the Tiger of old, and Woods is the in-form golfer going into the Masters, helped by the recent struggles of Rory McIlroy. But what exactly would another Masters win mean for Tiger Woods?

He's back to his best

When someone has reached such lofty heights as Tiger Woods has during his career, he has the unfortunate problem of constant comparisons with his former self. However, a win at a Major is a pretty good indication that, even if he is not quite back to the level that he reached before, he is somewhere close. At the very least, it will complete the return of Woods as the world's number one current golfer.


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Ryan Gosling quits acting

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