2013 US folk festivals

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The following is a guest article by Djembe Drum Shop.

Rustic guitar

The USA is the land of many things but there are two exports that, when married together, are the perfect pairing. Folk festivals are hugely popular across the world, and no-one does a folk festival quite like the Americans.

If you’re into this niche of music and know your Billy Dean from your Dean Para, you will be no doubt counting down the days until your next festival. Here is our pick of five top US folk festivals happening in 2013:

1. Central Ohio Folk Festival

The Central Ohio Folk Festival always takes place on the first full weekend in May, and lasts for three days. This folk festival is as much about the teaching of music and jamming sessions, as it is the music and performers. You can watch artists such as Cathy Barton and Dave Para in the day; and enjoy workshops, jamming sessions, and even a worst song contest in the evenings. If you’re heading to Ohio this May, be sure to take your instruments along and show off what you can do.


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