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April 2013 Events Image

Is it May already? This month, concert festivals really kick it into high gear, and many artists launch their summer tours. The NBA Playoffs are under way, and now that the weather is nicer, it's time for the The Players Championship.

Although no new Broadway shows are opening this month, many will likely flock to see the productions recently nominated for Tony Awards, including Pippin and I'll Eat You Last. Plus, there are plenty of touring shows around the country. So in addition to some May flowers, here are the month's upcoming events in concerts, sports, and theater:


The Package Tour: Can't get enough of boy bands? Thankfully, you don't have to, as New Kids on the Block, 98 Degress, and Boyz II Men launch their tour May 28.

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Brad Paisley's Beat This Summer Tour: The first leg of this tour kicks off May 9 in St. Louis, Mo. From there, it will hit more than 29 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

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Warped Tour: Part-music fest, part-extreme sports fest, Warped Tour starts May 28 and runs all through August 4.

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Ahh, the ‘90s. They weren’t here that long ago, and yet, we still get all warm and fuzzy inside whenever we think about them. I particularly miss the cartoons of the ‘90s, which I loved watching well into my teenage years (when it was no longer the ‘90s, but whatever). There are plenty of cartoons to choose from now, but for me, there was nothing like settling down with a new episode of "Doug" or "Pepper Ann" to complete the perfect Saturday morning. Here are my top picks for some of the greatest ‘90s wholesome children’s cartoons (because "Ren & Stimpy" and "Rocko's Modern Life" will be on another list).

1. Doug

Station: Nickelodeon


Main characters: Douglas 'Doug' Yancy Funnie; Doug's sister, Judith "Judy" Funnie; his crush and friend, Patricia "Patti" Mayonnaise; his dog, Porkchop; his best friend, Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine; his enemy, Roger M. Klotz

Summary: The Funnie family moves to Bluffington where Doug must adjust to life as the new kid in town. He often writes in his journal about his experiences, many of which revolved around his group of friends. With a highly active imagination, Doug likes to dream what his life would be like as a superhero named Quailman.

Why it's awesome: "Doug" was about an insecure kid navigating the overwhelming and sometimes frustrating world of middle school. His life isn't perfect, which made him relatable, and he also had a huge imagination and a big heart. Doug was a little nerdy, and sometimes embarrassing, but so were we. We secretly hoped he'd one day get to be with his crush, Patti, or get discovered for his banjo talent and play with his favorite band, The Beets.



Sutton Foster and Jesse Tyler Ferguson announced the 2013 Tony Award nominations early this morning. Snagging the most nominations were Matilda the Musical, Kinky Boots, and Pippin, the last of which had been open on Broadway for all of five days.

A full list, presented by The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing, is behind the jump.