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Onsales This Week

Events onsale this week
Day(s) Event  
Fri UFC 168 Buy tickets
Fri MGMT Buy tickets
Fri Third Eye Blind Buy tickets
Fri San Antonio Spurs Buy tickets
Fri Kanye West Buy tickets
Fri Bruno Mars in Vegas Buy tickets
Fri Brian Regan Buy tickets
Fri Justin Moore Buy tickets
Fri Book of Mormon in Baltimore Buy tickets
Sat Dallas Mavericks Buy tickets
Mon Justin Timberlake Buy tickets
Mon New York Knicks Buy tickets
Mon Atlanta Hawks Buy tickets

This week's onsales list contains several new tours, additional dates for already announced tours, as well as tickets for three basketball teams, and The Book of Mormon. It's a pretty busy week, and this isn't even the entire list.

First up are several new and continuing onsales this Friday for artists and bands such as MGMT, Third Eye Blind, Kanye West, and Justin Moore. Additionally, Bruno Mars has tickets for an eight show Vegas gig up for grabs Friday. Finally, Justin Timberlake has a second leg of his 20/20 Experience Tour on sale Monday.

Things are just as busy in sports. UFC 168 tickets are onsale on Friday, as well as tickets for San Antonio Spurs home games. On Saturday, the Dallas Mavericks get their turn, and then on Monday so do the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks.

In theater, there is a new tour city on sale Friday for The Book of Mormon in Baltimore. And finally, comedian Brian Regan has more than 30 shows on sale Friday.

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Battle Of The Seasons: Why Summer Is The Best

Palm trees in Santa Monica, CA

As the old saying goes, we've saved the best for last, and summer is indeed the best season. People look forward to summer because it has much more to offer than the other seasons. It's always warm, the days are long, and unlike the other seasons, there is no point where it is too cold to do something.

From cookouts to vacations to swimming, summer just provides so many opportunities for things to do. After all, during what other season can you just choose a day and know that it'll probably be a nice one? No other season except summer.

Why Summer Is The Best

Warm Weather. Consider this: the national average temperature of the United States during the two full months of summer — July and August — is 74.29 and 72.77 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the northernmost city with a population of over 20,000, Fairbanks, AK, has an average of 72.7 degrees F. in July. Which other season can claim that it's comfortably warm almost anywhere for at least one month of the season? That's right, only summer can do that.

It's gets even better for cities that are among the contiguous 48 or are Hawaii, because you can be sure that almost any day of the summer is a good day for an activity. Want to barbecue? Great. Go camping? Go for it. Take a trip somewhere? You've picked the right time. There is almost nothing that can't be done during summer. You can even ski if you're willing to take a trip to Oregon. No other season has weather that allows such varied types of activities.