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New York Yankees

We're a little late to this whole Jeter retirement price comparison thing, but we wanted to wait long enough for some data to come in before saying anything about the numbers.

A couple articles, including this one from ESPN, have outlined what happened to the listing price of Jeter's final games after his announcement, but I haven't seen anything about the selling price. It's one thing to say that ticket prices have shot up, and they have, but it's another to look at what ticket buyers are actually paying.

The average selling price for Yankees tickets listed on indeed spiked significantly from before the announcement to after it. Before, the average selling price for Jeter's last home game on September 25 was $169. After the announcement, the average selling price rose to $409.


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The Olympics

The Sochi Olympics have been a big topic of discussion this last week. Currently, the US team is (spoiler alert) in third place with 12 medals earned, surpassed only by the Netherlands in second place (also with 12 medals) and Norway, in first place with 13 medals. There's been chatter about everything regarding the games, from the questionable accommodations in Russia to the surprisingly warm temperatures to NBC's Bob Costas, who suffered such a severe eye infection in both his eyes that he had to be pulled from coverage (poor guy!). And, of course, it wouldn't be a pop culture event worth talking about without a parody video. Above, the Olympics meet "Star Wars."

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