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NCAA Basketball

Today is the day the NCAA Tournament's Eastern and Midwest Regionals begin, and one thing is clear: The East Regionals have risen to a prominent position. For the previous two years, the South Regionals have dominated sales for tickets listed at, or were at least about even with the Midwest, as was the case last year.

This year, the South Regionals have been left behind and in its place are the East Regionals, due at least in part to the addition of Madison Square Garden to the tournament. Currently, the games at MSG account for 26% of ticket sales for the Regionals, only beaten out by the Midwest Regionals at Lucas Oil Stadium, which account for 52%*.


What People Are Talking About

Taco Bell Breakfast

Yep, Taco Bell breakfast is officially a thing. We'd been warned for weeks that it was coming and this week, the food finally made its debut across the U.S. The company's commercial to promote the new venture gained some traction when it featured men named Ronald McDonald (get it?!) endorsing the food. So what kind of breakfast food does Taco Bell serve? Breakfast burritos, waffle tacos, grilled tacos, crunchwraps, and of course, coffee. Some have been quick to say it's completely disgusting, while others have embraced the menu. What do you think? Disgusting or delicious?