Yard Goats unite! Best Minor League Baseball Team Names

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For those who do not know, TicketNetwork is headquartered in central Connecticut, just a few miles outside of Hartford - aka the future home of a new minor league baseball team, the Hartford Yard Goats. If you live around here, you know that the new team nickname hasn’t exactly been met with glowing reviews.

Well, all you negative people out there, I have some news for you - Yard Goats is a fantastic nickname!

Why? It's minor league baseball. Teams around the country have ridiculous nicknames, which ultimately helps with marketing their teams. Take the Yard Goats as an example; following the announcement, people across the country were talking about the team thanks to Twitter mentions from places like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Now, Yard Goats merchandise is a hot-seller and people are genuinely interested in games next year.

And like I said, the Yard Goats are not the only team who has used awesomely strange nicknames. Here are my favorites:

Batavia Muckdogs

Affiliation: Short-Season Class-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins

I neither know where Batavia is located, nor what a Muckdog is, but who cares!


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Paul McCartney Image

Sir Paul McCartney kicked off his Out There tour over two years ago, and since then has put on a total of 85 concerts across the globe. Many thought McCartney’s headlining performance at this year’s Lollapalooza festival would wrap up the massive trek, however, it was recently announced that would not be the case. Over the last few days, McCartney has confirmed five more concerts that will take place this October as a continuation of the Out There tour.


Failgating 101


I am not, as it were, a sports "fan" in any legitimate meaning of the word. While I played numerous sports in my youth – softball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse – I cannot now say I follow any sport closely. Casual fandom is probably a stretch, even though I maintain that watching a bit of rugby or soccer is usually enjoyable. And I do love a live baseball game from time to time. All of these factors make it all the more interesting that my fiancé and I were a season ticket-holders for UConn Football up until very recently.

No one would accuse me of being a football fan in particular, unless you're talking about the type played with a round ball. I’m not even a UConn fan (though I will forever appreciate the denizens of Horse Barn Hill because I am a Connecticuttian). I am not even an alumna of UConn, though as I am from CT, about half my social circle is. And yet, there we were: ticket holders. And I have gotten really good at not necessarily faking my fandom, but nailing down the tailgating like a bloody professional. Because, let's be honest here, I am an enthusiast not of any sporting activity, but of eating and drinking outdoors with purpose. And with minimal effort, you, too, can take your weekend sports outings to tailgating success!


Road Trip Playlist

Road Trips are a summer staple, and American tradition, and the reason (we're certain) that 8-tracks were installed in cars. We've compiled the best road trip songs about road trips for your last-minute, late-summer journey.

(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 (1946) – The Cole Trio

Recorded by Nat King Cole’s early group, the Cole Trio, “Route 66” is as American as Apple Pie. It also highlights the beginning of the era of the automobile in the United States. The construction of enormous highways coincided perfectly with the rise of Big Auto out of Detroit.

I've Been Everywhere (1959) – written by Geoff Mack, made famous in the States by Johnny Cash

This song was actually written and performed first by Australian Geoff Mack, but Cash adopted and adapted the tune to mesh perfectly with his down-home vision of Americana. It is now a staple of hotel commercials.



Week in Review

Deez Nuts for President

Source: YouTube.com

Presidential hopefuls better be on the lookout for “Deez Nuts.” And no, I’m not trying to make some sort of crude joke; Mr. Nuts is actually a 2016 presidential nominee, who, according to Public Policy Polling is polling at 9 percent in North Carolina, 8 percent in Minnesota, and 7 percent in Iowa. In the end, it turns out “Deez Nuts” is actually a 15-year-old from Iowa named Brady Olson, who is about to begin his sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately for supporters of “Deez Nuts,” he has 20 more years to go before he’s actually eligible to become president, but hey, 9 percent ain’t bad.

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