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Meghan Trainor: All About That Success

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Meghan Trainor, Dear Future Husband

Singing since age 6, songwriting since age 11, and a Berklee College of Music attendee at age 15, Meghan Trainor’s life has been aimed at musical success practically since day one. A Nantucket, MA native, Trainor grew up in a musical household, where her father – a jeweler by trade – also taught music. She began performing professionally at age 12, and her musical style evolved from soca (island-style calypso), to encompass a broad range of styles and instruments.

Trainor was a determined songstress from the onset, releasing self-published singles and albums in 2011, I’ll Sing with You and Only 17. Met with some success, Trainor moved to Nashville, TN, and helped write songs for Rascal Flatts, Hunter Hayes, Sabrina Carpenter, and R5. While her success writing country demonstrated her range and musical skills, she felt country wasn’t really her scene. By 2013, she had been introduced to songwriter Kevin Kadish, with whom she penned the hit “All About That Bass,” which they shopped to various other artists, including Adele and Beyonce.

Trainor eventually recorded the single herself and performed it on ukulele for Epic records chairman L.A. Reid, who signed her immediately and pushed the song as her debut single. An immediate viral hit, “All About That Bass” climbed the charts both domestically and in the UK. Capitalizing on her signature blue-eyed soul and doo-wop sound, Trainor has just released her third single from the album Title, called “Dear Future Husband,” a cheeky look at domestic bliss (or the impossibility thereof). Her tour is spanning the U.S. starting this month, so find your tickets today!

The Best Basketball Music Themes

Tomorrow marks the beginning of another NCAA Basketball Tournament, and we are definitely amped up for the coming games. The beginning of the tournament also got us thinking about some of the most popular basketball-related themes. Where basketball is concerned, there really are only a few big ones, but they're all memorable and instantly recognizable.

"I Believe I Can Fly"

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There are a lot of songs that are created and then later appropriated for movies. "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly was not one of those songs. Written for the 1996 live action/Looney Tunes mash-up "Space Jam," the song help propel the movie into the box-office stratosphere. It also earned a life of its own outside the movie, and in addition won two Grammy Awards for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best Rhythm & Blues Song.


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Selection Sunday is Upon Us!

Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday; one of the most important days of the year for college basketball players and fans alike. On this sacred day, teams who will be partaking in the Men’s College Basketball Tournament are placed, seeded, and announced. While 32 teams receive automatic bids to the tournament, (31 teams by winning their conference tournament and a thirty-second Ivy League team by winning their regular season championship) there are still 36 spots up for grabs.

To fill these voids, the NCAA enlists in a ten-member selection committee made up of Division I athletic directors and conference commissioners. The committee members decide who will play in the tournament based on a number of factors, including, rankings, conference records, road records, wins versus ranked opponents, how a team finishes the regular season, and Rating Percentage Index (RPI). Usually, but not always, a team who is ranked on the national polls will receive an invite to the big tournament, leaving teams who didn’t win their conference tournament and aren’t nationally ranked with the slimmest chance of being selected. Needless to say, when schools in that situation find out they’ve punched their ticket to the Men’s College Basketball Tournament, they are ecstatic. Below, in no particular order, are reactions from a few teams when they found out they were selected.

Kelly Clarkson

The pop star is embarking on her new Piece By Piece Tour from July to September and is taking a cappella group Pentatonix with her. Onsales for the tour begin this Saturday and include Cincinnati, OH; Woodlands, TX; Holmdel, NJ; and more!

Shania Twain

The country singer-songwriter is going on her final tour. Onsales for the Rock This Country Tour begin today with onsales for cities including Philadelphia, PA; Miami, FL; and Nashville, TN.


Onsales for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour continue this Saturday and Monday for shows in cities, including Washington, DC; Boston, MA; Atlantic City, NJ; Saint Paul, MN; and Philadelphia, PA.



#TBT: American Idol

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Think back to 2002 and the few years following; what show did you watch religiously on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Most likely your answer is American Idol. Now in its 14th season, American Idol is struggling to maintain its once enviable ratings. As a result, winners in recent years haven't been gaining the same level of stardom as some of their counterparts in the previous decade. However, in the earlier years of the show, winning the contest did not guarantee a life of Grammy Awards and stardom. On more than one occasion, finalists who didn’t come in first saw more success than the finalists who did.

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