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10 Famous Redheads in Music

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Today, we spotlight musician, Ed Sheeran, who has recently announced his widely anticipated North American tour. Taking place this spring and summer, tickets for the tour will go on-sale this Friday. In Sheeran's honor, we have put together a piece highlighting 10 famous redheads in music. Take a look below!

1. Ed Sheeran

Source: YouTube.com

Being interested in music as long as he can remember, English singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran, first began playing guitar at a young age when he showed promise as a musical talent. Determined to make a name for himself, 14 year-old Sheeran left the small country town of Framlingham and set off for London where he played gigs at local pubs and released multiple EP’s. He also posted numerous videos of himself performing on YouTube, which ultimately caused his fan base to take off. Fast forward a few years, and his determination and hard work paid off; Sheeran has released two studio albums; including his certified platinum album, “X,” and has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards. It's safe to say he rose to the top as one of the most popular redheads in music.


What People Are Talking About: Speed Dating, Drake, Kanye West


What People Are Talking About

Ford Speed Dating Prank

Source: YouTube.com

In honor of Valentine's Day, Ford has put out a short video titled "Mustang Speed Dating." In the clip, a few unsuspecting guys go on a blind date with a woman who turns out to be a professional stunt driver. After meeting in a café, the woman asks each man if they want to go somewhere else and offers to drive.

Once in her car, she admits that she doesn't know how to drive stick and maneuvers out of the parking spot in a manner that would make every car enthusiast cringe, but she then takes each guy to a parking lot where she unleashes every single one of the 435 horses the 5.0 liter V8 Stang has to offer. Needless to say, each guy was a bit surprised when the woman they thought barely knew how to drive stick was now ripping donuts through a parking lot. Although the latter half of this video is great, my favorite part is earlier in the clip when one guys tells the woman that he's a ninja.


Madonna Needs to Bare Her Claws

The following is a guest article by Doris Schmidt.


"More material, girl!"

That was critics' best advice to Madonna as she flashed her thong-enhanced bottom and exposed acres of bustier-boosted cleavage on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8. When she took the stage to perform “Living for Love,” the grande dame of pop music seemed to be up to her old tricks: Fishnet stockings? Check. Horned, bare-chested dancers? Check. Levitation? Check.

What could be wrong with that? Madonna was playing the provocateur, as she has done so well for more than three decades. But that was precisely the problem. After all, this was the diva known as Madonna, Mother of Reinvention. She’s been praised by music magazines and marketing gurus alike for her quick-change artistry; the Los Angeles Times even named her "the world’s most famous chameleon."


Time's a Ticking: 4 Artists to See Now Before It's Too Late

4 Artists to See Now Before It Is Too Late

It's a simple fact of life. Someday one of either two things will happen to your favorite artists: 1) They will kick the bucket or 2) They will decide that enough is enough and retire from the music business. It happens to every musician, but for some of them that time is coming sooner rather than later. So here are four artists you may want to think about seeing before it's too late, in no particular order.

Motley Crue

Motley Crue

Normally when someone retires it's because they're entering the final chapter of their life, and they want to live their final years without the stress of work, maybe do some traveling, and spend time with family. That does not appear to be the motivation for Motley Crue's retirement at the end of this year. After all, none of them are particularly old. Mick Mars is the oldest member of the band at 65, but the other three members are in their 50s.



Dave Matthews Band Announces 2015 North American Tour

Concert News image

Summer isn’t complete unless Dave Matthews Band is touring, which is exactly what they’ve just announced they’ll be doing in 2015. The North American tour will run from mid-May through mid-September and will feature almost 50 performances in over 35 cities. The band will be playing multiple shows in a handful of these cities, including, Camden, NJ; Saratoga Springs, NY; Noblesville, IN; West Palm Beach, FL; Englewood, CO, as well as their annual three show stint in Quincy, WA over Labor Day Weekend. Also, the band will perform two shows at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI, a venue that was skipped last year to the disappointment of many local fans.

During last summer’s tour, where the average ticket price was $116, they introduced a two set format for the first time. While both sets featured songs spanning the band’s entire 20 year career, set one consisted of acoustic instruments while set two was entirely electric. This summer, the band has decided they will use the same two set format. Also, to keep things interesting, the set list will change from night to night and feature covers of other famous musicians. One of the determining factors for each show’s set list will be the distance from one venue to another. For example, a show 50 miles from the location of their previous show will feature very different music, while a show that is 300 miles from the location of their previous show might feature more of the same songs.

You’d think the band would take a break after their North American tour wraps up, but that’s not the case. Dave Matthews Band will travel to the Middle East and will perform for the first time in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in October. After, they will travel to Europe and perform in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, before wrapping up in Ireland in November.

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