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We’re in the midst of The Ashes, the Test cricket series that is played at least once every four years between England and Australia. This year, England is already set to trounce former favorite Australia, as they’ve already won three of the five Test matches, delivering the coup de grace at the most recent and Fourth Test at Trent Bridge in Nottingham when they won by an innings and 78 runs on the third day. It was the quickest a team has been bowled out in the first innings of a Test match in relation to number of balls faced. Quite impressive, and the Australia side is currently facing a lot of heat at home for their performance as well as subtle ridicule in England.

Did any of what I just wrote make sense? Probably to the handful of cricket fans reading this – and they probably also want to correct me, but to the average Yank, cricket is a mystery. In fact, I *think* I understand it slightly better than many of my fellow countrymen, and that is only by way of exposure. I lived in London for a few years during grad school and became rather fond of the sport. At least, fond in so far as I like drinking outdoors, and The Oval is a lovely venue for sitting in English “sun” and enjoying a pint or seven. To the untrained (and possibly tipsy) eye of this American, cricket seemed at first alternately frenetic and boring. The pitch seems crowded in the middle – there are two at bat in there, at least one bowler (sort of like a pitcher), a wicketkeeper (like a catcher), and pieces of precious garden décor (the wickets) – and really sort of devoid of population in the ovular field. Bowlers seem to want to actually kill (or maim) their opponents at bat (the striker), some matches last for literal days (Test matches last for five), and others seem to be over well before I’ve had a chance to enjoy my Pimm’s.


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Week in Review

Jon Stewart Says Farewell


After 16 years as the host of late-night talk show The Daily Show, Jon Stewart appeared in his final episode this past Thursday. The hour-long star-studded finale featured many guests, including former correspondents Rob Riggle, Steve Carell, and Stephen Colbert. There was also a taped montage of goodbyes from politicians, including many who he has criticized in years past, such as Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and John McCain. The episode also gave viewers a behind the scenes look at the production facility with a pre-recorded tour of The Daily Show studio. Stewart’s final episode was topped off with a performance by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. This fall, The Daily Show will continue under new host, South African comedian Trevor Noah. Needless to say, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.


Major Onsales This Week: Don Henley, Hamilton, and More

Don Henley

The Eagles' Don Henley has tickets on sale today and tomorrow for a solo tour that runs from the beginning of October to mid-November.
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The hit Broadway show has dates on sale today for a number of events in 2016. This batch of dates for the hip hop take on the statesman starts in May.
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The Book of Mormon

Tickets for more showings of The Book of Mormon are on sale this Sunday in Baltimore, MD! The new dates begin on November 4 and end on November 15.
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Only Mostly Dead

UPDATE: Dead & Company now have ten shows on their docket. Click here for tickets!

Dead & Company

With much fanfare, the rueful gnashing of teeth, and five sold-out Chicago shows, The Grateful Dead said “Fare Thee Well” to legions of fans this summer, purportedly for the last time. And yet, Deadheads everywhere knew that wouldn’t really be the last we heard from the boys in the band. After all, if there’s one group that has consistently toured and performed – in almost innumerable incarnations – it’s the Grateful Dead.

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