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Six Things "Back to the Future Part II" got Wrong

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As we welcome in 2015, the year “Back to the Future Part II” takes place, the internet has become flooded with articles about what predictions the 1989 classic got right. Here’s a look at six predictions the movie got wrong.

Flying Cars

Source: YouTube.com. Please note: video may not be suitable for work.

While most people have never seen a flying car and you can’t go down to your local car dealership to buy one, they do technically exist, but only as prototypes. That said, it’s going to be a very long time until you can fly to the store to pick up a gallon of milk. However, it could become a reality (for the very wealthy) in our lifetime.


Stuart Scott, 1965-2015

Source: YouTube.com

Stuart Scott became one of the most well-known and well-liked figures in the sports broadcasting industry during his 21 year career at ESPN. Coining catchphrases such as, “Like gravy on a biscuit, it’s all good!” and “As cool as the other side of the pillow,” Scott changed the dynamics of sports broadcasting forever. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2007, Scott made the most of everyday, living by his own words of wisdom, “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.” Unfortunately, after seven years of fighting, Scott passed away on January 4th at the age of 49. Although Scott may be gone, his lasting legacy and inspiration that we should never give up and never lose hope will live on forever. Rest in Peace, Stuart Scott.


Happy New Year from TicketNetwork.com!

Happy New Year, everyone!


What People Are Talking About

CFB Legends

Source: YouTube.com

For the inaugural College Football Playoff, AT&T put together a commercial featuring Heisman Trophy winners, Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie, and Bo Jackson. The legends have no issue bragging about their college successes to the commercials fourth star, Joe Montana. Unbeknownst to the three Heisman winners, Montana came prepared with his National Championship ring from Notre Dame, as well as his four Super Bowl rings. Needless to say, this quieted the guys pretty quickly.

Top-Selling Events of 2014

Affordability and availability were important when it came to the top-selling tickets of 2014. Ringling Bros. Circus and Disney on Ice: Frozen, the two family-friendly shows that were the best-selling events on online ticket marketplace TicketNetwork's* exchange this year. The two shows represented those themes very well by offering many events throughout the year with low ticket prices.

With an average selling price of $37 per ticket, as well as dozens of events across the United States, Ringling Bros. was an affordable and very available choice for parents looking to take the kids to an entertaining show. Meanwhile, Frozen's success was also partially based on the continued excitement from the 2013 movie, and everything "Frozen" in general. Although its average selling price was higher at $74, it was still at a point that many families could easily afford.

As discussed in the upcoming sections, affordability and availability also applied to many of the top concert and theater events.


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