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Whether you’re a rap fan or not you’ve heard the news about the ongoing feud between rappers Drake and Meek Mill, which started when Meek called Drake out on Twitter for not writing his own lyrics. Late last week, Drake came out of the rap feud victorious with the release of the diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back To Back.” His W was solidified with the release of Meek Mill’s heavily criticized retaliation track, “Wanna Know.” But that wasn't good enough for the Toronto native, who felt obligated to pour salt in the wounds inflicted on Meek Mill. On Monday, Drake used his performance at his annual OVO Festival in his home city to finish Meek Mill off once and for all.


Have We Reached Peak Swift?

Taylor Swift

Earthlings (I was going to say "Americans," but we soooo don't have the corner on that market anymore) love nothing more than a superstar, except, perhaps, building up a superstar and then blowing them to smithereens. (Marginally related thought, you should check out The Smithereens if you have a chance.) So it is with a certain amount of trepidation that I regard Taylor Swift’s unimpeachable rise to power. And if you listen carefully to the whispers among the celebrity gossip set – whether or not the rumors are true – the rumors are stirring. And they may indeed indicate that Swift’s star has reached its zenith.


Country’s Top Power Couples

Country's Power Couples Header

With the breakup of country-pop’s favorite couple – Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert – the hierarchy of super-star country couples has been totally upended. So we’re re-examining the genre’s power elite who also happen to call one another “bae.” (No, seriously, try to picture Garth Brooks saying that.)

Garth BrooksGarth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

Married in 2005 at their Oklahoma ranch, Garth and Trisha have a remarkable 57 combined years in the music business. The eccentric Brooks actually proposed to Yearwood in front of thousands of fans. They’re currently touring together, but the duo doesn’t stop at singing. Trisha in particular is multi-talented, currently hosting a Food Network Show, “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,” and is also the author of several cookbooks. Garth sticks to music in general, but whether he’ll pull out his alter ego any time soon remains to be seen.



Week in Review

Tom Cruise Lip Sync


In support of his upcoming film, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the two partook in a lip sync battle. Singing, well, lip syncing a vast array of music, the two performed everything from The Righteous Brothers to The Weeknd in this lighthearted clip. Also, on a completely separate note, is it just me, or does Tom Cruise not age?

iHeartRadio Music Festival

The iHeartRadio Music Festival is back for its fifth year, and this year it is featuring artists like Kanye West, Hozier, Demi Lovato, Sam Smith, and The Who. Onsales are Saturday.
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Joe Walsh

The Eagles' Joe Walsh has onsales today for a solo tour that runs from September to mid-October.
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The Book of Mormon

The popular musical has onsales this Sunday for shows this fall in Baltimore, MD, and Tempe, AZ.
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