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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

With the announcement that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are to go glove-to-glove in Vegas on May 2, the boxing world has been all shook up. Here in the office, we’re pretty surprised, particularly given the years of speculation over whether the two welterweights would ever really get matched up. A dream fight, certainly, and one that has been close to happening since at least 2009, when rumored squabbles over drug testing methods sent a fight deal into the recycling bin. Speculation and near-misses for the last six years have led to many believing that the bout would probably never happen.


Larry David: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Funny Guy

Who's now on Broadway!

Prolific and surprisingly un-nebbishy comedian, writer, and actor Larry David has brought his work to the Great White Way with Fish in the Dark, opening March 5 at the Cort Theatre. David, who made his name in entertainment as head writer and executive producer for Seinfeld, began his career in show business as a stand-up comedian. Prior to his Emmy Award-winning turn with Seinfeld, he wrote and starred in ABC’s short-lived sketch comedy variety show, Fridays, and also wrote for Saturday Night Live.

Life after Seinfeld saw David step to HBO for Curb Your Enthusiasm, a half-improv, half-scripted Seinfeld-ian jaunt through Larry David’s only partially fictionalized mind and life. HBO also produced his film Clear History, a story of a man grappling ineffectually with missing the boat when it comes to an investment opportunity.

Billed as his “return” to the stage for the “first time since eighth grade,” Fish in the Dark sees Larry David embodying Norman Drexel, a rather Larry-Davidish individual, coping with the death of a loved one. Also featuring Rita Wilson and Rosie Perez and directed by Anna D. Shapiro, the play was actually inspired by the passing of the father of one of David’s friends. So far, death has offered fantastic comedic fodder, and Fish in the Dark has already earned over $13.5 million in advance sales even before opening night, which is slated for March 5.

Don’t miss Larry David’s triumphant return to the stage with Fish in the Dark, playing the Cort Theatre until June 7.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

The reporting in the week or so since the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao announcement has highlighted how expensive tickets to the bout are on the secondary market, where tickets are being listed in the thousands of dollars. However, while the big numbers get all the news, there often isn't much context. What does it mean to be really pricey?


Madonna Announces U.S. Tour Dates


Have you missed Madonna? Then you won't have to wait much longer to see her on tour again. The Queen of Pop has announced a new tour in support of her latest album, Rebel Heart, which will be released in North America on Tuesday, March 10. A globe-spanning schedule has been mapped out, including plenty of dates in the United States. In addition to those concerts, Madonna will tour Canada, as well as Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and many other European countries. Tickets will begin to go on sale next Monday, March 9.

Madonna's last tour, the MDNA Tour in 2012, was the 12th biggest concert tour of that year here at TicketNetwork.com*. It was also the third largest pop tour of 2012 on our site, beat out only by One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Big Time Rush. That's clearly a testament to the staying power Madonna has enjoyed throughout the years. Judging by the number one dance chart position of Rebel Heart's lead single, "Living for Love," fans are ready for more Madonna. Soon they'll get their opportunity to see her perform live!

Visit the Madonna page to find tickets to see Madonna in concert.



What People Are Talking About

Llama Drama

Source: YouTube.com

There are always bizarre things in the news these days, but this week, this story might take the cake. Two therapy llamas, yes, therapy llamas were being transported to an assisted living facility in a suburb outside of Phoenix, AZ, when the door of the trailer they were riding in opened. Wanting a taste of freedom, the llamas took off on the lam. The pair, mother and son, darted across city streets narrowly evading capture from the arsenal of law enforcement personal trying to corral them. Finally, after a few hours on the loose, both llamas were caught, but not before becoming a trending topic in the Twittersphere. They even gained attention from the Arizona Cardinals as you can see below:



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