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Towards the end of April, the NFL released its schedule and riled up all of the league’s fans. Whether the team is a perennial Super Bowl contender or consistently near the bottom rankings of the league, the release of the schedule reminds people that every team starts with a 0-0 record and has a chance to navigate their way into the NFL playoff picture.

When the schedule comes out, prices on the secondary ticket market are released as well. As you may have figured, the earliest of price swings head towards the league’s most popular teams, such as the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and others.

It’s been just over two weeks since the release, and this past weekend, the NFL Draft concluded as well. The aura that is created from the introduction of the schedule has worn down, and an average ticket price on the secondary market is more level and now paints a more accurate portrayal of what some of the highest asking prices will be during the NFL regular season. Below are the three highest average ticket prices for NFL tickets this season, according to information provided by TicketNetwork.com.

Most Expensive: 11/01/2015 | Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers | Sports Authority Field At Mile High | Average Price: $724.26 | Get-in Price: $300



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Last Saturday’s “Megafight” shattered the pay-per view buy record, making it the most watched PPV event of all time. The fight was viewed by 11.6 million in the United States alone, and while there are no statistics on how many viewed the fight on a global level, it’s safe to say it was one of the most viewed sporting events in history. As you can see in the tweet below it seems as if everyone in Pacquiao's native Philippines watched the fight.

With an extremely high viewership came lots of endorsements and sponsorships: expensive ones. Many of these, which totaled an estimated $13.2 million, came by the way of standard advertisements. Tecate, who paid $5.6 million to be the official beer of the fight, had a large logo placed on the center of the ring mat and posters placed around the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Companies also paid big bucks to advertise on Mayweather’s and Pacquiao’s shorts, a common site on athletes' clothing around the world. Mayweather had a large FanDuel logo displayed on his trunks, while companies including Air Asia and Café Puro displayed their logos on Pacquiao’s. Geico even went as far as to have Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, wear a headband during the match that prominently displayed their wordmark.


Ed Sheeran Begins US Leg of Tour on May 6 in Austin

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English pop/folk/R&B/acoustic star Ed Sheeran has burst on to the popular music scene within the past couple of years, after he appeared on Taylor Swift’s 2012 album RED. He is crossing the Atlantic for the much-anticipated American leg of the current Ed Sheeran tour, which will start on May 6 and end on May 31. Sheeran also plans to make an appearance at the Rock in Rio festival in Las Vegas on May 15.

According to TicketNetwork, the average price for Ed Sheeran tickets to the American leg of the concert is $152.26 on the secondary market. The tour will kick off on May 6 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX. That show is going for an average price of $150.35 on the secondary market. However, fans can still pay a get-in price of $23 to attend. Prices have decreased by five percent in the last seven days, and tickets to this show are 1.3 percent less than the tour average.

Sheeran will play shows around the midwest and southwest, including concerts in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Then, the tour will shoot north to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh to start its journey through the northeast on May 12. Despite a brief hiatus in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 19, the remainder of the shows on the tour will be played in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maine.

The most expensive concert of the tour will be on May 30 when Sheeran will take his musical talents to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Tickets to this show are going for an average price of $216.92 on the secondary market, and will cost at least $74 to get in at the door. Tickets for this show have decreased by six percent in the last seven days, and the current prices are 29.9 percent more expensive than the tour average.

Fans in the Albany area should look to purchase tickets for the May 13 show at Times Union Center in Albany, NY. Tickets are going for an average price of $95.92 on the secondary market, and the get-in price is just $18 to see one of music’s brightest stars. Prices have decreased by 19 percent in the past seven days, and this average price is 37 percent less than the tour average.

Although the U.S. leg only makes up for a small fraction of the overall tour, the fans should still come out in droves to hear singles such as “Thinking Out Loud” and “Don’t.” Sheeran has shot up the musical charts in recent years, and his tour numbers definitely indicate that.


My fellow music listeners, the state of our reunion is pretty poor. Out of all of the bands I said should go on tour again in the previous two posts, only one has actually managed to do it. Let's check out the record.

The Track Record

  • Led Zeppelin: No
  • ABBA: No
  • Pink Floyd: No, though they did release a new album last year.
  • Queen: Yes, with Adam Lambert.
  • Oasis: No
  • 'NSync: No, but they had a performance at 2013 MTV VMAs.
  • Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince: No, but they had a one-off reunion on a 2013 episode of the Graham Norton Show in the UK.
  • Nirvana: No, but some members performed during the band's 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival: No

The Best #MayPac Reactions on Twitter

We were all tuned into the "Fight of the Century" on Saturday night, but what was billed as the bout to bring about Ragnarok (or something) turned out to be kind of a ... let down. So, without further ado, here is a rundown of our favorite Tweets (celebrity and otherwise) from the evening.

Professor Snape, take it away!

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