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Luke Bryan

Country superstar Luke Bryan has tickets on sale today for his upcoming Farm Tour, which will take place this October at farms primarily in the Southeastern U.S.
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Oddball Comedy Festival

The third edition of the comedy festival features Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer as headliners. Most onsales are today.
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Several teams have onsales in the coming week, including the Vikings, Seahawks, Bears, Patriots, and Ravens.
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With the Broadway debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s much anticipated opus Hamilton coming up on July 13 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, the Great White Way is abuzz with praise for the new musical. Ben Brantley of The New York Times, the paper itself a bastion of restraint and the last word in theatre reviews, gushed, “HISTORIC. HAMILTON is brewing up a revolution. This is a show that aims impossibly high and hits its target. It's probably not possible to top the adrenaline rush. A MARVEL.” Fellow Gray Lady mainstay David Brooks similarly decreed, “BRILLIANT. HAMILTON is one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had in a theater. Bold, rousing, sexy, tear-jerking and historically respectful — the sort of production that asks you to think afresh about your country and your life.” And the reviews gush on, and on, and on.

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It was less than a month ago that Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl took a nasty spill off the stage while performing in Sweden, breaking his leg so severely that he needed to have six metal screws inserted into his leg. Unfortunately, the band was forced to cancel their remaining European tour dates that were scheduled to span through the end of June, including a headlining slot at Glastonbury Festival. Soon after Grohl’s surgery, the band released a press release that announced that “Dave’s full recuperation time is still to be determined,” which led many to speculate if the band’s North American shows were also going to be cancelled. Luckily, cancellation wasn’t in the cards, thanks in part to good spirits by the band and a custom throne designed by Dave himself.


Which 80s Music Legend is Your Soulmate?

80s Soulmates

Which '80s music legend are you meant to be... or be with? From Madonna to Elvis Costello, check out which of six '80s icons you match best with by taking our short quiz!


The “fetch” to our Gretchen Wieners as sports fans, for years we never thought we were going to make professional soccer happen in the United States. But with The United States Women’s National Team’s trouncing of Japan in the World Cup, have we finally come around to professional footy as a nation?

Every few years – World Cup time, typically – think pieces like this one rush out from media outlets as disparate CNN.com and ReturnofKings.com (ugh), pushing opinions on whether or not professional soccer will ever achieve “real” success in the United States. The overarching opinion seems to remain that Major League Soccer will never really get *there*. In fact, most commentators and opinion hurlers seem to think that the widespread love for MLS is a pipedream fostered by hordes of former fullbacks with desk jobs and nostalgia streaks a mile wide. And while I can’t disagree that MLS will probably never achieve NBA or NFL levels of commercial success, I do think the tide is changing.

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