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Not on all occasions, but usually album releases and tours go hand it hand. In 2015, artists seem to be keeping up with the long time tradition. Check out these four artists/bands who have recently dropped albums and will soon be touring in their support.

Alabama Shakes

New Album: Song & Color

Although they first began gaining popularity a few years back, Alabama Shakes have really taken off in 2015. In April, the band, led by singer and guitarist Brittany Howard released their sophomore album, Song & Color. The album sold 96,000 copies in its first week and became Alabama Shakes first number one album. Song & Color was met with almost all positive reviews and was given a four out of five by Billboard and The Observer.


Justin Timberlake announces The 20/20 Experience, part two

While Justin Timberlake announced previously that he would be releasing a second part to "The 20/20 Experience," the details were a bit vague. We knew there'd be a fall tour, sans Jay-Z. We knew the album would be out September 30. But it sort of stopped there.

This week, he went ahead and released a video teaser, which featured a snippet from what most have guessed will be his next single, "Take Back the Night." The clip shows Justin outside of a club holding up cards that each read the name of his previous singles and their release dates — but, of course, the card announcing when "Take Back the Night" will be released is blurred out entirely.

So we don't know much more, but we do have a single name. Check out the clip below — when do you think he'll release the song?

Seven summer 2013 albums to look out for

Summer starts Friday, and one of my favorite parts of the season (aside from beaches and warm weather) is the album and concert boom. Lots of artists go on tour over the summer, and to prep for those tours, they usually release a new album. Hot off the heels of Kanye's "Yeezus" (which came out yesterday!), here are seven albums to get hyped for, as well as the artist's latest single and tour info.

Jay Z

The album: Magna Carter Holy Grail

Release date: July 4

Why it could be good: His album title promises something great, and Jay-Z tends to deliver. Although there hasn't been an official single, info about the album has leaked, and the producer list is a great one: Jahlil Beats, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Rick Rubin, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, The-Dream, J. Cole, and Just Blaze are among them.

The tour: Find tickets to Jay-Z with Justin Timberlake on the Legends Of The Summer tour.