In 2012, Adele was most-requested for alerts

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When we found out last year that visitors to were most interested in getting email alerts for when Justin Bieber, we were hardly surprised. As one of the top artists of the last few years, it always makes sense to see him at the top of pretty much anything (though there's one list he hasn't been topping recently). That he didn't tour stateside last year only helped drum up anticipation.

The same is true for Adele this year. Alert sign-ups for Ms. Adkins accounted for just over 19% of the more than 29,000 received this year. However, I think the reasons for her success are more varied than Bieber. 1) Her tour last year was cut off due to throat surgery; 2) She's the top album seller of the year; and 3) She's riding the wave of the fantastic "Skyfall" track. Due to mostly the first two things, I believe, the demand for Adele to return to the stage is about as high as it can be. I guess the question now is whether Adele will deliver. Nothing has been announced yet, but that doesn't preclude something showing up later into 2013.


A look back at five great years for - For five years and counting.

Today is's Fifth Anniversary! Although our site existed in some form or another before then, it's been five years since we launched ourselves as a retail site. And what a journey it has been. In that time, we've changed rapidly and grown dramatically. Let's take a look back at how things have evolved.

We've changed our look quite a bit

When we launched in 2007, the site looked a lot different than it does now. For one thing, there was a lot less emphasis on blue, grey, and red, which we currently feature throughout the site. Instead, there was a lot more green and yellow. In a revision from early 2008, we dispensed with some of the green and began to move toward the blue that would later become a big part of the site for a long time. During this time we also launched our affiliate program. layout from our launch in September 2007.
The layout at launch. layout as of January 2008.
Revision from January 2008.

By mid-2008, the time had come for a major makeover. Enter bluepalooza. Everywhere you Blue logo, blue header, blue gradients. Can you guess our favorite color from that time? Hint: It started with the letter "B." Of course, by early 2009, things started to change again. For the first time, gray started to peek through and the On Sale Now section gained some seasonal color.


After winning six awards at the Grammys on February 12, you might expect that Adele tickets sales would tick up. Or at least they would if she actually had an upcoming tour. But although she doesn't have a tour that's been announced yet, that didn't stop more than a 1000 people from wanting to find out when she would next have tickets on sale. That was the effect of Adele's good night at the Grammys: an 87% increase in the number of performer alert sign-ups on* during and the week after the ceremony compared to the week leading up to it.

Number of alert signups for Adele before, during, and after the Grammy Awards. Read more...

Justin Bieber continues to dominate the alerts page with alert sign-up box

As promised, the time has come for the follow-up to our September post about the alerts. Since then, the total number of sign-ups hasn't quite doubled, but it's quickly getting there, based on the latest data from the TicketNetwork Exchange. There are now over 52,000 sign-ups for over 3,600 artists, shows, and teams.

Other than that, however, not much has changed. Justin Bieber still has the greatest number of alert sign-ups, and his share of the total has gone up, from 21% in September to 33% currently. Chris Brown, Usher, Adele, and Lil Wayne have entered the top twenty, while Cody Simpson, Garth Brooks, John Mayer, and The Budweiser Fest have left it. The rest of that list remains the same, albeit with some swapped positions. Here is the complete Top 20 Alert Sign-ups list:

Top 20 Performers With Alert Sign-ups

1. Justin Bieber
2. Eminem
3. Prince
4. Miley Cyrus
5. Lil Wayne
6. Nickelback
7. Mindless Behavior
8. Drake
9. Pink
10. Chris Brown

11. Il Divo
12. Usher
13. Kevin Hart
14. Lady Gaga
15. Adele
16. The Rolling Stones
17. Beyonce
18. Green Day
19. Winter Classic
20. Bruce Springsteen

*As of 12/19/11 10:00 a.m. EST.

When we introduced our alerts system it was immediately very popular, with hundreds of sign-ups in the first week alone. In case you haven't heard of our alerts system, let me explain. If an artist, show, or team no longer have any tickets, a form appears where you can sign up to be sent an email the next time that performer or event has tickets. We also have alerts for specific events that no longer have tickets, but have not yet passed.

It turns out that when given the chance to find out when their favorite artists, shows, or sports will have tickets, people go for it. Since we introduced the system there have been almost 27,000 alert sign-ups for just over 2,800 different performers!

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, Justin Bieber is the performer with the most alert sign-ups. His lead is pretty overwhelming, too, with more than 21% of all sign-ups. Here is the Top 20:

Top 20 Performers With Alert Sign-ups

1. Justin Bieber
2. Miley Cyrus
3. Prince
4. Eminem
5. Nickelback
6. Mindless Behavior
7. Drake
8. Pink
9. Kevin Hart
10. Il Divo

11. The Rolling Stones
12. Winter Classic
13. Green Day
14. Beyonce
15. Lady Gaga
16. Bruce Springsteen
17. Cody Simpson
18. Garth Brooks
19. John Mayer
20. The Budweiser Fest

The only real surprise here was Mindless Behavior, as they have not yet gone on a solo tour. The band most recently opened for Janet Jackson on her Number Ones Tour and is currently on tour with five other groups. If they're in such a high position now, then I'm extremely interested to see how well they do when their first solo tour finally happens.

I'll keep an eye on the alerts and issue an update later this year.