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The Sound of Music Live

"The Sound of the Music" is an iconic film that was part of so many childhoods. It became synonymous with Julie Andrews, who played Maria. (For me, this is the only version of "The Sound of Music" that exists.) However, prior to it being a film, it was actually a stage play; it was reimagined last night on NBC, starring Carrie Underwood as Maria and Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp. While some reviews have been less-than-favorable, it's kind of cool that NBC was at least trying to think outside the box. It's certainly hard to compare a stage play to a film that we all likely have fond memories of, but apparently Carrie's singing was great! We won't talk about the acting. Fun fact: apparently, the the real-life Von Trapps wanted Anne Hathaway as Maria.


11 famous movie quotes we get wrong every time


To me, a good pop culture reference is golden. When done right, it can be an immediate indicator of whether I'll be friends with someone. When done wrong, well... you end up with that one guy who never got the memo that quoting "Napoleon Dynamite" fell by the wayside in 2003. And the movie came out in 2004. (Sorry.)

Try as we might, here are some movie quotes we just can't get right, no matter how many times we hear "Uh, that's not actually what they say."

#1 Star Wars

Quoted line: "Luke, I am your father."

Actual line: This is arguably the most frequent, and most famous, misquote of all time. How many times have you heard someone say "Luke, I am your father," either in real life or in other forms of pop culture? What Darth Vader really said was less of a dramatic declaration and more of a simple response to a question. Luke says, "[Obi] told me you killed [my father]." And Darth's all, "No, I am your father."