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Today is National Puppy Day, the CUTEST holiday of the year! What is National Puppy Day? A day to celebrate puppies, of course! What do puppies have to do with this blog? We post about puppies — a lot. Here are some of our favorite puppy-related posts. Enjoy!

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Sunday Morning Cute: Paralyzed Dog Walks With Brace

Do dog videos belong on entertainment blogs? Yes. Dog videos belong everywhere. Here's an especially cute one to get your Sunday morning going. Spencer the bulldog is paralyzed in his hind legs, so he's never actually been able to go for a walk. But that all changes with a pair of custom braces.

The Cutest Commercial of Super Bowl 2014

Sure, the Super Bowl hasn't happened yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that the above commercial isn't the cutest of them all. It has all the elements of a successful Super Bowl commercial:

  • It's for a beer company.
  • There's a puppy.
  • No, multiple puppies.
  • And then one extraordinarily cute puppy, who becomes BFFs with a horse.

What do you think? (I'm totally right, aren't I?)

'You Shall Not Pass, Dog': Video Proof Cats are Scary

It's Gratuitous Animal Video Day, a holiday I just made up! This video is all about dogs who try to walk by the house cats and are too scared to do so... because cats are mean. At least according to these dogs (and who am I to disagree?). Enjoy!

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Home Alone is Better with Pug Puppies

If you are familiar with the film "Home Alone" and you like puppies (and why wouldn't you?), then this video will be your new favorite. (The kid narrating sounds pretty adorable, too.)

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