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Australia Day Kangaroos

It’s Australia Day! Australia Day is a holiday along the same lines as our very own Independence Day. It falls on January 26 (26 January, if you’re Australian) each year, on the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convince ships from Great Britain and the raising of the Union Jack in 1788. According to the official Australia Day website, the holiday brings Australians together to celebrate what’s great about the country. It encourages patriotism, and asks everyone to re-commit to making Australia an "even better place for the future."

In honor of Australia Day, let’s celebrate some things Australia has given to the U.S.!

Fascinating animals

Whether it’s kangaroos, koala bears, or dingoes, there is probably some Australian animal that you’ve heard of and/or think is dope. To me, Australian animals are incredibly interesting, mostly because the country seems to be home to either the most adorable animals ever (wallabies, platypi, wombats, kookaburra, emu) or the most terrifying (Tasmanian devils, saltwater crocodiles, blue ring octopi, the box jellyfish, giant spiders, and dingos, which famously eat babies). Cracked has a pretty good overview of just how many things in Australia will kill you.