5 Best And Worst Parts of Going To The Fair

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It's the time of year when we enjoy the cool, outdoor weather by heading to state and county fairs. There's games, food, rides, crafts, and animals to enjoy.

While state fairs began in the 19th century for the purpose of promoting state agriculture, these days, fairs are about amusement rides, over-the-top fried foods, and entertainment. Most fairs keep the agriculture and livestock aspect in tact, but it's only one portion of a larger experience.

That said, the experience isn't always a great one. Here are the top 5 best and worst things about attending local fairs.


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Battle Of The Seasons: Why Fall Is The Best

Fall foliage

It's officially fall... which means it's officially the best time of the year. That's right, I said it. Fall is easily the best season in the New England area. It's so awesome it is frequently referred to by two names because its wonder cannot be contained by just one name.

Why Fall Is The Best

Fall foliage. Jumping in leaf piles, especially as a kid, is the best. Raking leaves may not be fun, but neither is clearing snow off your car or dealing with pollen. Fall is, hands down, the prettiest season. Dreamysigh. Fall foliage is such a big deal that there are entire websites dedicated to mapping out the best times to see the most magnificent colors. (This live map details the peak times to visit.) People travel to New England just for the experience of seeing fall foliage, much like they'd road trip to see the Grand Canyon, because they understand how awesome it is to see the vibrant colors in person. The changing leaves are not representative of death so much as the circle of life — and, since I know how much we all love "The Lion King," we should be pleased that fall is pretty much the epitome of the meaning behind that song. Thanks, fall!


Top musicals and theatre shows to see in London this autumn

The following is a guest article by Ross Patterson.

theater masks

London’s West End is one of the greatest hubs of theatrical entertainment in the world. It has borne unforgettable screenwriters, actors, directors and choreographers. Over the years the West End has housed some incredible plays and musicals, and in this article we are going to share with you the top five performances you can’t afford to miss this coming season.

Billy Elliot, Victoria Palace

Billy Elliot is a young school boy who dreams of one day becoming a ballerina. However, his journey of rising to the top of his profession puts relationships in turmoil as he turns his back on boxing to pursue his passion. First performed at London’s West End, Billy Elliot has continued to touch the hearts of thousands and now can be watched across the world.