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Week in Review

Ben and Jen Call It Quits


Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner marked their 10 year marriage anniversary last Monday, the following day they announced 10 years of marriage was all they had in the tank. The Hollywood power couple released a joint statement to People, stating “after much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce.” The news didn’t come as too much of a surprise after Garner revealed in an interview with InStyle last year that they were no longer involved romantically. Although they may be splitting, the duo also informed People they will remain friends and are committed to co-parenting their three children.



What People Are Talking About

This week, Batman will make his triumphant return as a kid from Bahston; 'NSync is messing with us; and Allen Iverson is ready to retire.

Ben Affleck is Batman

The internet has lots of opinions, and the no one can decide if Ben Affleck as Batman is the best or worst decision DC has made for its upcoming "Superman" sequel. All we know is we have a lot of feelings. Some are arguing that Ben Affleck as Batman is a horrible, awful, rotten, no-good choice — likely in part because Ben Affleck is known as a less-than-fantastic actor. On other parts of the internet, however, some are saying Ben as Batman is actually an excellent choice. He likes comics, he recently did well critically with "Argo," and similar hoopla surrounded Heath Ledger when he was cast as The Joker, which turned out to be one of the most well-acted roles of all time. So the jury's out, but it's still fun to fight about it. Let's keep in mind that Ben Affleck was in "Daredevil"... and we all know how that ended up.