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If you can't stop listening to Beyonce's new album (like me), or if you've been curious what all the fuss is about, check out the video for her first single, "XO," which debuted on VEVO earlier this week. (Of course, for fans who purchased the album last week, they've seen this already — but now we can all enjoy it!) The video uses the fun, light-hearted song as an ode to her fans.

Some fun facts about "XO":

  • The song was performed for the first time over the weekend in Chicago, hot off the debut of her surprise record release.
  • If the video seems like a good time, that's probably because the entire thing was shot on Coney Island.
  • The pageant trophy, which makes appearances throughout several videos included in the album (including "Pretty Hurts," "Drunk In Love," and "Grown Woman") is also featured in one of the shots for "XO."

What do you think of the first single?

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Just in case you needed a little adorable to kick off your Saturday, Kid President — the adorable kid who has interviewed President Barack Obama — finally got to make his dream come true by interviewing Beyonce. He agreed that this interview was "probably" the most important he's ever done. (BTW, can I point out that Kid President made his first Beyonce video Aug. 8, and the video of his interview went up Aug. 18? Kid President is on his hustle; Beyonce delivers.)

Kid President's Letter to Beyonce

Kid President Interviews Beyonce

5 Songs That Totally Sound the Same

Critics of the Katy Perry released her latest single, "Roar," have said her song sounds an awful lot like Sara Bareillis' song, "Brave." Obviously the whole "hey, that song totally sounds like ___!" has been around for a while.

Ask any super jaded music fan and they'll tell you there's no such thing as original music anymore, just the same stuff re-hashed over and over. Personally, I am only offended when songs sound alike and both versions are terrible because I don't want to encourage more terrible music in this world. That said, here are five undeniably similar songs, starting with Katy and Sara.

Katy Perry v. Sara Bareillis

The opening chords, the music breakdowns, that piano in the background? Yeah, these "Roar" and "Brave" definitely sound like they were at least influenced by one another. Plus, Katy Perry definitely tweeted a few months ago that she loved Sara's song. Does that really mean anything? No. But whatever, y'all, it's gossip.


What People Are Talking About

This week, everyone was up in arms about everything. Beyonce cut her hair! A fake documentary was aired on the Discovery Channel! And an package was stolen! Commence freak-outs!

Beyonce's Pixie Cut

Beyonce cut her hair and, with the explosive reactions, you'd have thought the world stopped spinning or something. I say this as a huge Beyonce fan: everything will be okay! It's just hair! #Beyonce was trending all day long yesterday as people weighed in on whether they loved it or hated it and tweeted all about how Beyonce was obviously copying Miley Cyrus. (I, for one, have never seen short, blond hair on a woman prior to Miley Cyrus. Nope, it's never been done before.) But what most were wondering is: why did Beyonce do it? I can think of a few reasons: she's an adult; why not; everyone's talking about it; or she never wants her hair to get caught in a fan again.


What People Are Talking About

The Royal Baby! A super-cute animal! Beyonce and her long, luxurious locks! That's what people were talking about this week.

Royal Baby

It's official: Prince George is here! It's no secret that EVERYONE (no, seriously, everyone) has at least heard about the Royal Baby. We've all been talking about it, speculating, wondering when Kate will go into labor, if it'll be a boy or a girl, what the name will be. Finally, that's all over, and the little Prince of Cambridge is here in all his glory. George Alexander Louis was born July 22, weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces... and he's already got a populated Wikipedia page. What I want to know is this: how on Earth did Kate look so lovely after having a baby? Her hair is just as majestic as ever. Sigh.

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