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Kelly Rowland, also known as one-third of Destiny's Child, has been making the rounds recently to promote her forthcoming album "Talk a Good Game" and tour with The Dream. Her new album features a few buzzed about songs, including "Dirty Laundry" (released in late May) which talks a bit about how Kelly envied Beyonce's solo career and "You Changed," which actually features Beyonce and Michelle Williams — an unofficial DC reunion!

Technically, the single isn't billed as a Destiny's Child song, but since it contains all of the elements, I like to count "You Changed" as the second new "Destiny's Child" song this year (following "Nuclear," which was featured on their compilation album). Plus they reunited during the Super Bowl, sparking rumors that a reunion was eminent... but to no avail. Still, I won't give up hope. So here are five iconic Destiny's Child, which I think also serve as five awesome reasons the group should get back together.