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N'Sync might not actually be going on tour again (sorry), but we can report that when boy bands do actually go on tour they can still top sales charts. That was the case during March, as Big Time Rush and newcomer One Direction had the most sales at

Though Big Time Rush was the winner of the month, the real story here is One Direction. They're a band that came almost literally out of nowhere. Okay, not nowhere. Actually, they came out of the UK version of the X-Factor, where they placed third during the show's seventh season. After that, they worked on an album for a while and released it late last year. They were pretty much nobodies in the U.S. until earlier this year, when people really started noticing them. How drastically did their introduction to the U.S. change their fortunes here? This drastically:

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Nickelodeon makes its mark in the concert industry

What do you do if you're a television network looking for some other industry to expand into? Create yourself a record label, find yourself a few people with talent, and then watch the tickets fly off the shelf. That's what the Walt Disney Company has been doing for the last several years. Disney, of course, is responsible for launching the careers of Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers. But now that those two acts have settled down for a bit, another network has entered the fray: Nickelodeon.

Though it has released soundtracks for years, Nick really got started in the concert business when Miranda Cosgrove sang the theme song to iCarly, the series she currently stars in, and then launched a recording and touring career. Since then the network has brought together three more musical acts: Keke Palmer, star of the former series True Jackson, VP; Big Time Rush; and The Fresh Beat Band. The latter two in particular have taken off. Big Time Rush is about four kids who get a chance to move to Los Angeles as a band, and spend what time they're not singing trying to solve problems that face them. The Fresh Beat Band has much the same premise, though they're targeted at toddlers.