Beyonce is pregnant with baby number two (maybe)

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OMG Y'ALL BEYONCE REALLY IS PREGNANT (AGAIN). There have been rumors she might be, especially after she unexpectedly had to cancel one of her tour dates due to "exhaustion," which loosely translates to "something we don't want to say" in celebrity world.

But I was skeptical because I thought it was kind of poor timing given her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Also I expected to receive a personal phone call announcing the news, were it true.

Neither Jay-Z nor Beyonce have officially confirmed that this is true. It's all still speculative, but E! claims it has "multiple" sources saying Baby Number 2 is totally happening. While I'm usually pretty against believing rumors that only credit anonymous sources, I sort of believe it this time because Jay-Z and Beyonce are the same people who never even confirmed they were a couple until after they were married.

Do you think she's pregnant? If so, what do you think that'll mean for her tour? And do you think she'll announce it as adorably as she did with Blue Ivy (see video above)? I'm holding out for some kind of Beyonce parade where the final float is actually a ginormous 50-foot balloon of Beyonce's likeness with a pregnant belly.

Kid Scientist

Earlier this week, Beyonce and her 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, were spotted in Brooklyn. In case you were wondering, yes, Blue Ivy is as adorable as you’d imagine her to be. But she's also intelligent. Beyonce told Oprah that Blue Ivy was "very smart" and already reading flashcards.

With an R&B queen for a mom and a rap mogul for a dad, Blue Ivy will likely go on to do amazing things. Toss in the fact that she’s a 1-year-old that can read and she’ll probably take over the world. Is it weird to consider what a celebrity baby might someday grow up and do with her life? Probably. But oh well, here are some careers baby Blue Ivy might someday consider:

Rap/R&B Superstar

Obviously musical talent runs in the family, so she may want to dabble in the careers her mom and dad did. It’s not weird for kids to sometimes follow in their parents’ footsteps. If she’s lucky, her musical genius will come from both her mom and her dad, so not only would bring a room to tears with just her voice, but she could also rhyme circles around rappers in her generation. Like Kanye’s baby. Just kidding, they would totally collaborate, and then no one would ever be able to make music again because the pinnacle of music will have been reached.