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What makes a band a "boy band"? We know groups like 'NSync, Backstreet Boys, and One Direction are definitely boy bands.

But what makes them so unequivocally boy band-ish while groups like Blink-182, who also sing semi-pop-friendly songs (sometimes) and are comprised of boys, aren't technically "boy bands"? Is Blink-182 a boy band? Is Slipknot a boy band? Is Flight of the Conchords a boy band? According to the trusted source, Wikipedia:

Boy band - A boy band (or boy band) is loosely defined as a vocal group consisting of young male singers, usually in their teenage years or in their twenties at the time of formation. Being vocal groups, most boy band members do not play musical instruments, either in recording sessions or on stage, making the term somewhat of a misnomer. However, exceptions do exist. Most boy bands dance as well as sing, usually giving highly choreographed performances.

The truth is most "boy bands" do not like to be referred to as such. There's a stigma attached to being a "boy band" — that they really exist to be poked fun at, that they aren't making serious music, whatever.

Some argue that bands don't qualify as a "boy band" if they play their own instruments. But does that then make it so that Hanson and the Jonas Brothers aren't a boy band? I don't think so. To me, you know a band is a boy band just by looking at them. They're all boy bandy. (Quite frankly, I don't see anything wrong with boy bands.)

Fan, anti-boy band enthusiast, or just someone who accidentally ended up here: check out some boy band history below.