15 MORE Fandom Names You Should Know

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15 MORE Fandoms

We've covered this topic twice before (here, and here), but the list of fan bases with their own unique monikers seems to only be growing. Some of this, I suspect, is directly related to the rise of social media platforms, but Twitter and Tumblr in particular, as great gathering places for, uh, devoted fans from across the globe.

And man, these fans take that whole"fanatic" thing and run with it. So here's a rundown of a few more fan base names that you should know, especially if you Tweet... Also, am I inviting the hatred and vitriol of thousands of devoted fans with my assessments of these names? LET'S WAIT AND SEE!

  • Fifth HarmonyHarmonizers - Fifth Harmony fans. They have a special affinity for - and with - Directioners. 
  • Mahomies - a cute play on Austin Mahone's last name. I approve.
  • Hooligans - this is what Bruno Mars' fans call themselves after his album Doo-Wops and Hooligans. Considering the term "hooligan" typically means a violent, young, deviant person, it's hard to see how that aligns to Mars' pretty clean-cut, approachable and damned adorable persona! Uptown funk you up, indeed...

Awesome Wedding Speech Turns into Britney Spears Homage

You've heard of creative weddings, where the entire procession breaks out into song and dance. (You may have even seen this on "The Office"!) But this wedding speech takes the cake. In it, a bride's best friend is giving a sweet toast, where he mentions their shared love of Britney Spears. Then the wedding party breaks out into choreography to Britney Spears' song, "Work B**ch!" — and it's incredible. Watch for yourself above!

Britney Spears Debuts Las Vegas Show

Britney Spares kicked off her two-year Las Vegas residency on Friday at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. "Britney: Piece of Me" features a song list (included behind the cut below) that feels a mile long and includes some of the singers biggest hits.

Friday's show was the first of almost 100 scheduled performances that will take place over the next two years. It included a star-studded audience, including fellow pop stars like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.


Britney Spears Releases New Song Called "Perfume"

Britney Spears will begin her Las Vegas residency Dec. 27. But before she does, she plans to release a new album, which she's called her "most personal yet." The album, entitled Britney Jean is scheduled for release Dec. 3.

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The Fox: AKA The Best Music Video Ever

Comedy duo Ylvis released "The Fox" last week and it's quickly becoming one of the most viral music videos as of late. With nearly 40 million views, "The Fox" is pretty much one of the weirdest and therefore, greatest, songs and videos of all time. Ylvis, made up of brothers Baard and Vegard Ylvisaaker of Bergen, Norway, released the video to promote their upcoming talk show, to air in Norway. The brothers called their success a surprise. The duo has even been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show (yesterday!), so they've kind of made it.

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