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finding neverland

Earlier this year, when Tony Nominations were being announced, Finding Neverland – the musical based on the movie based on the real(-ish) story of J.M. Barrie’s journey toward creating Peter Pan – was notably absent from the list of nominees. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who had also produced the 2004 film of the same name that starred Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, released a statement related to the snub (via The Wrap).

“With 27 nominations today for ‘Fun Home,’ ‘The Elephant Man,’ 'The Audience’ or ‘Wolf Hall,’ shows that we either co-invested or co-produced, we couldn’t be more thrilled,” Weinstein said. “As for ‘Finding Neverland,’ our passion for it remains unwavering. I could not be more proud of the magic created on our stage by Diane Paulus and the entire ‘Neverland’ team night after night, which has made this show a smash hit.”


Great White Way Shines Light on Women

Great White Way Shines Light on Women

Broadway regulars should be just about clear of their hangovers today, though we wouldn’t fault them for calling in “sick” a second day; there was plenty to celebrate after Sunday night’s pomp and circumstance. Though we won’t go so far as to declare 2015 as the “Year of the Woman” on Broadway, women did make a serious splash at the 69th Annual Tony Awards.


Dame Helen Mirren: Queen of Stage and Screen

Perhaps most well-known stateside for her Oscar-winning turn as Queen Elizabeth II in 2007’s The Queen, Dame Helen Mirren has been providing audiences with command performances on stage and screen for nearly 50 years. Now, she’s bringing the role of Queen Elizabeth II to Broadway in the production of The Audience.

Source: YouTube.com

An episodic production that follows the matriarch’s reign from her coronation in 1953, through scandals and drama, straight up to modern day, The Audience depicts visions of the confidential meetings between Britain’s Queen and her Prime Ministers. From Churchill to Thatcher, Major to Blair, and even touching upon the sitting PM, David Cameron, we watch Queen Elizabeth as she grows older, hopefully wiser, and her influence changes among the statesmen of Britain. Though few ever know what actually takes place in these weekly audiences between the Queen and her Prime Minister, the play offers a rare glimpse of what may transpire among these history makers. More a character portrait than an historical fiction, The Audience deftly draws out the humanity in the icon that is Queen Elizabeth II. Indeed, one might venture that the perfect venue for such portraiture is not Britain herself, but the United States, where our national attention is so easily rapt by Britain’s Royal Family.

Mirren herself began her career in show business in roles with far less realism but no less gravitas, often playing in BBC productions of Shakespeare, and later making a serious and scandalous splash in Gore Vidal’s 1979 biopic Caligula, and as Victoria in the penultimate Brit gangster flick The Long Good Friday alongside the late Bob Hoskins. In the 1990s, she became a household presence in the Prime Suspect television series, playing jaded DCI Jane Tennison, a detective with a knack for attracting the criminal element and a penchant for gin & tonics.

With over 103 awards for acting and acting-related causes, among them one Oscar, two Golden Globes, three Emmys, and five BAFTAs, Mirren is perhaps well on her way to a Tony Award with The Audience. Now if only we can secure her a role that will nail a Grammy, she’ll be on her way to that EGOT we know every true actor covets.

UPDATE (6/7/15): Now with her Tony award in hand, Mirren has joked about really going for that Grammy. Mentioning she's looking for opportunities in the books on tape milieu.

5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were on Broadway

Written by Nicole Lajoie

Starring on Broadway is a dream come true for many actors, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare. While some celebrities seize the opportunity to show off their acting skills in front of a live audience, many are overshadowed by the spotlight. The following celebrities are currently trying to make their mark on Broadway:

Emma Stone - “Cabaret”

Most of you know Emma from mega movies like “Superbad,” “Easy A,” and “The Amazing Spider Man,” but did you know that she is currently starring as Sally Bowles in the Broadway staple, “Cabaret?” Stone was originally selected to play Sally early last year, but scheduling issues forced her to drop the part and focus on other projects. After Emma’s sudden resignation, Michelle Williams took over the role and unfortunately critics found her performance to be mediocre at best. The quality of Ms. Stone’s voice has been questioned, but her passion and acting skills seem to have made up for any vocal shortcomings. Critics find Emma’s performance to be solid as ‘Stone.’


Concert news

With more than two years and 1,000 shows under its belt, Newsies will say goodbye to Broadway. The Disney musical is scheduled to close on Aug. 24 at the Nederlander Theatre. But it's not time to say so long for good — a national tour commences October 2014. The North American tour will visit cities across the U.S. and Canada beginning Oct. 11, 2014 and continuing through Aug. 16, 2015, with more dates likely to be announced.

Newsies on Broadway became a somewhat-unexpected hit for Disney. The company originally thought they would develop the musical for regional, stock, and amateur markets but were surprised when the musical fared well as a Broadway production. It was an especially welcome success, given that the original film version from 1992 didn't do well. In comparison, the Broadway version has racked up more than $100 million, while the movie version earned a mere $3 million.

See below for the production's upcomnig tour dates and visit the Newsies for more information on tickets.

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