Happy birthday, TN Team Blog!

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Happy birthday TN Team blog!

Exactly one year ago today, the TN Team Blog was born. So today we're celebrating the blog's first birthday in our offices with cookies AND brownies (for the full debate, see here). In addition, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite posts over the past year. Enjoy!

Liz's Favorite: "Funny Flowchart: Do you have Bieber Fever?"

This was Tim's masterpiece way back in June. Not sure if you have the fever? You need this quiz.

Tim's Favorite: "Showdown: Crazy Ballpark Food vs. the Nutritionist"

This was one of our very first posts. Tim and I are still trying to plan a road trip to go get some delicious pulled pork pierogi stackers.

Mike's Favorite: "Athletes in local commercials = embarrassing"

"I have a video production background, so my love for this post comes mainly from the Larry Bird commercial. As you might know, Larry is standing in front of a blue screen, which is used to create a background behind a person while they're speaking or acting. I like to imagine that the producers intended to use the screen to show some kind of snazzy imagery while Bird was giving his endorsement, but weren't able to get it to work on the day of production. They had Larry booked, though, so they couldn't change the shoot location on such short notice. The other commercials featured have just as much fail to them; that dance scene in the Odgen spot is just so random." — Mike

Allison's Favorite: "Video: 5 Cyber Monday shopping tips"

"This special video blog post has everything: Action, intrigue, heartbreak, crates of pears. So even though I really enjoy looking at pictures of Jimi Hendrix in a fanny pack, I'd have to say that the Cyber Monday blog post is my all-time-favorite from the past year." — Allison

Danielle's Favorite: "Bring Back the Pack: A not-so-true history of the fanny pack"

"I especially liked the post about the not-so-true history of the fanny pack because it was hilarious! The images of famous (or infamous) historical figures wearing fanny packs cracked me up!" — Danielle

Erin's Favorite: "These funny Bruins commercials will make you a Bruins fan"

"These are hilarious commercials that appeal to both hockey and non-hockey fans. Gotta love it. Close runners-up: 'Bring Back the Pack: Awesome fanny packs photo gallery' (come on, obviously just because it's awesome and the pics are funny...and you know I'm a life-long fanny pack supporter) and 'What people are talking about this week: One Direction' (as much as I wanted to hate them, I somehow am now their fan club president...not literally, but you know what I mean)." — Erin

What's your favorite post from our first year? And how long do YOU think a blog-year is? Tell us in the comments!

These funny Bruins commercials will make you a Bruins fan

The reigning Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins are still in the thick of defending their championship (or have been eliminated, depending on when you are reading this), but one thing they will not ever be beaten at is making hilarious commercials and advertisements. The star of these ads is perhaps the most underrated mascot is sports, known simply as Bear. Name me another mascot that is funny, intimidating and lovable...YOU CAN'T!

The commercials below came out last season, so yes I am a little late to the party, but these definitely stand the test of time. I have seen them too many times to count and they never cease to make me laugh. As a casual hockey fan, it makes me want to watch more Bruins hockey games. This season the genius Bruins marketing department are back with a 70's style sitcom called "Bear & The Gang" and, once again, they are awesome.

Having said that, nothing beats the commercials from last season. Check them out and you'll find it hard not to be a Bruins fan afterwards:


This was the first one of these ads that I saw and it remains my favorite. That guy really should have known better.

Obey the Restroom Code

From a young age, people learn not to cut in line. Unfortunately for this dude, he forgot. Luckily for us, Bear reminded him.