Top celebrity burglaries of all time

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The following is a guest article by Marie Felipe.


Whoever said that a celebrity’s life is all fun has not read about the many aggravations they go through. One of the peskiest and most dangerous aggravations aside from stalking is burglary, and a good number of celebrities have had their own experience with this type of danger in their own homes. Check out our list of the top celebrity burglaries of all time.

50 Cent

A case of burglars just wanting to try the “good life” for a change via a celebrity’s house is what happened in Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent’s mansion. The two burglars, Santos Padilla and Alexander Hernandez, easily found their way inside 50 Cent’s house, which was also formerly owned by Mike Tyson, through an unlocked door. The unwelcome visitors were caught hiding in separate places in the house while in possession of 50 Cent’s things. 50 Cent is lucky he was not in the house because these two burglars have an outstanding warrant for attempted murder.