What's in a Name? Celebrtiy Names: Revamped

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What's in a Name?

Billy JoelWe know some of our favorite musicians, actors, politicos, and… Kardashians by their well-worn monikers. From super stars to the super-desperate, we have clear ideas about our celebrities based on their famous names. Often, those are actually famous nicknames, not just stage names. For instance, would you get as excited if William Joel was playing Madison Square Garden? (Gwyneth Paltrow seems to call him “William,” but, um, maybe he saves his given name for when he’s fitting in with the hoi-polloi in The Hamptons?) We threw together a list of our favorite famous folks who just don’t sound as compelling if we switch up the names by which we all know them so well.

  • William (Bradley) Pitt just doesn’t stand out like Brad Pitt. Even better? Billy Pitt. I feel like Billy Pitt would own a questionable auto parts shop in the Midwest.

Cher Is Back for the Dressed to Kill Tour

As Cher once realized during her 2002-2005 Living Proof farewell tour, she never truly can say goodbye. She knew this so much that she started dubbing the tour by the name Never Can Say Goodbye. So it's entirely unsurprising that she's coming back again in 2014 with the Dressed to Kill Tour.

The 49-city junket will begin on March 22, and run until July 11. The tour comes after the release of her first album in twelve years, Closer to the Truth.

Of course, even after she presumably retired from the touring circuit, Cher wasn't done performing. From 2008-2011 she was in residency at the Caesars Palace Colosseum, and she had several of performances between last year and this year.

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