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Count me in as one of the critics who say that there are way too many bowl games in college football. With 35 bowl games on the schedule for 2012-13, there are 70 teams that will be playing in those games. Just due to the sheer amount of teams, you are bound to find some really great match-ups and some really, really poor ones.

The Good

BCS Championship Game: Notre Dame vs. Alabama - I don't know if there could be a more intriguing game than the Fighting Irish vs. Crimson Tide. Both programs have huge fan followings who will be helping to build up the hype for this one.

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma - These two teams have perhaps the biggest gripes with the BCS. Both seemingly earned spots in a BCS bowl game but were not selected. Despite not being a BCS bowl game, the Cotton Bowl may be the best match-up other than the BCS title game.

The Bad

Hyundai Sun Bowl: USC vs. Georgia Tech - Now I could complain about how disappointing USC was this season, but let's look at Georgia Tech instead. They had a losing record! They were 6-7! Could someone explain to me how they are playing a postseason game?

Discover Orange Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Florida State - I am firmly on ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit's side—Northern Illinois does not deserve to be in this game. Florida State will probably blow them out and make what should be a big time BCS game into a laughing stock.


Who needs the NBA? The NCAA basketball season is here!

College Basketball Crowd

When it comes to being a basketball fan, everyone has a choice to make. You are either more of a fan of college basketball or the NBA. With the NBA players and owners still squabbling over how much money they each deserve, now is the chance for all basketball fans to enjoy the college game, and this season is primed to be the best in recent memory.

The past few seasons have been filled with teams that had a lot of young talent, most of whom were only going to be in school for one season before moving on the riches of the NBA. But with the potential of a lockout looming in the NBA after last season, some of those freshman phenoms decided to return to school for another year, which is a big win for fans. Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones are the biggest names to return for their sophomore seasons, all of whom would have been lottery draft picks.

Better players mean more competition and more excitement, and isn't that all you can ask for as a NCAA basketball fan?

What I'm looking forward to

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic

If you haven't heard about this event yet, get ready because this may be the coolest idea ever conceived. The UNC Tar Heels and Michigan St. Spartans will play each other on November 11 on a… wait for it… an aircraft carrier! The game will be played outside on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson in front of mostly fans that are members of the armed services. It should be a great event that becomes an annual one.