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Count me in as one of the critics who say that there are way too many bowl games in college football. With 35 bowl games on the schedule for 2012-13, there are 70 teams that will be playing in those games. Just due to the sheer amount of teams, you are bound to find some really great match-ups and some really, really poor ones.

The Good

BCS Championship Game: Notre Dame vs. Alabama - I don't know if there could be a more intriguing game than the Fighting Irish vs. Crimson Tide. Both programs have huge fan followings who will be helping to build up the hype for this one.

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma - These two teams have perhaps the biggest gripes with the BCS. Both seemingly earned spots in a BCS bowl game but were not selected. Despite not being a BCS bowl game, the Cotton Bowl may be the best match-up other than the BCS title game.

The Bad

Hyundai Sun Bowl: USC vs. Georgia Tech - Now I could complain about how disappointing USC was this season, but let's look at Georgia Tech instead. They had a losing record! They were 6-7! Could someone explain to me how they are playing a postseason game?

Discover Orange Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Florida State - I am firmly on ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit's side—Northern Illinois does not deserve to be in this game. Florida State will probably blow them out and make what should be a big time BCS game into a laughing stock.


Guest post: Five college football games you have to see in person

The following is a guest article by Rainier Fuclan.

20 yard line of a football field

You'll never get tired of putting on your team's colors, driving up to your alma mater and tailgating before a big game, but for the diehard college football fans – there are plenty of other games to see. Sure, it’s easier and cheaper to relax on your couch and watch the big games of the week, but there are a few college football games that absolutely must be seen in person. While the games are always good, many of college football's biggest rivalries are defined by the tailgating that goes on outside the stadium.

If you think of yourself as a dyed-in-the-wool true college football fan, here are five rivalry games that you have to see in person.

Red River Rivalry — Oklahoma vs. Texas

Played each October between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns, this is considered one of the greatest rivalries in American sports. Formerly the Red River Shootout, each team receives an equal amount of tickets and the Cotton Bowl is split evenly at the 50-yard line. Perhaps most special about this game is the atmosphere outside the stadium, as the game always takes place in the midst of the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, lending a carnival air to the game. With so much going on around the game, the Red River Rivalry is a tailgating dream. On top of the festive environment, the game almost always has conference and national title implications, making it a game that every fan should see in person at least once.

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