5 Reasons Why Billy Joel Concerts Still Rock After 40+ Years

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AT&T Park Before Billy Joel's performance

Fans at AT&T Park just before Billy Joel came on stage.

On September 5 during a trip to San Francisco, CA, I attended a concert by the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. This was a very special night for him since it was the first time in 43 years that he was performing in the city. He last had a gig there all the way back in 1972, performing at the now-shuttered nightclub The Boarding House.

He played a great mix of his best known hits while also adding in some of his lesser known songs. There was "Piano Man" and "New York State of Mind" and "It's All Still Rock and Roll To Me," but also "Vienna" and "Zanzibar." It was an excellent show all around. It had great music, a great location on the water, and everybody was having a great time. There was definitely a good vibe going on in that ballpark, and some people were dancing the entire time (no doubt assisted in this endeavor by a drink or two).

Since then, I've had some time to think about why Billy Joel has held up as a popular touring artist all these years. I've come up with a few ideas which are, with the exception of the final one, in no particular order.


I mentioned in my post on Friday that I was on my way to see the Backstreet Boys and I wasn't lying. I am wholeheartedly (still) a Backstreet Boys fan and their show in Camden, NJ on Friday, Aug. 16, marked my 10th Backstreet Boys concert. I had pit tickets, as well as their Gold VIP Package. So how'd it go? Was it worth it? Am I full of regret for how much money I spent on just one evening? Am I just really embarrassed that I'm an adult and this is my life?