Two-weekend festivals become more prominent, but is it a trend?

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Last year was one of firsts at Coachella®. It was the first time it brought a holographic singer to the stage. More than that, it was also the first time it spread to two weekends. Although the first first is not likely to come back, at least for now (one of companies involved folded shortly after), the second was apparently successful enough for other festivals to adopt it. This year the Ultra Music Festival did it in March, and the Austin City Limits Festival® will do it in October.

Although it's the in thing right now, this practice actually originated much earlier than last year. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage FestivalTM, for example, has run two weekends since 1976. So there was some precedent for this before 2012 — it just took a while for other festivals to catch up.


Highlights from Fenway Park's summer concert series

Fenway Park, by walknboston at Flickr
Fenway Park, by walknboston at Flickr.

Fenway Park in Boston is continuing its annual summer concert series this year with two classic artists. On Friday, Bruce Springsteen announced that he is heading to Fenway on August 14 as part of his Wrecking Ball Tour. Roger Waters, currently on his The Wall Live Tour, also has a scheduled a concert at the park on July 1.

Springsteen's announcement brings things full circle, as he was the first artist scheduled to play a show at the park when it began hosting concerts on September 6, 2003, but he wasn't actually the first to appear at the park. Here's a quick look at the highlights:

1999 - Limp Bizkit

That's right, Limp Bizkit was actually the first band to perform at the park, albeit without permission. On Sunday, June 13, 1999, the band climbed atop the roof of the Fenway parking garage and proceeded to play a 5-song set before the unauthorized concert was discovered by police. By the time authorities got to the park, 1,500 fans had flocked to see the band play, creating a traffic jam.


Best and worst national anthem performances

You probably heard the ruckus over Steven Tyler's rendition of the national anthem at the AFC Championship game on Sunday. He drew a lot of criticism and speculation that his performance may have been the worst in Star Spangled Banner history. So we decided to compile a list of memorable anthem performances, roughly in order from worst to best. Enjoy!

Rosanne Barr, San Diego Padres game

This has to be the most painful performance of the national anthem ever. I have a hard time watching it all the way through, with her screechy voice, laughing in the middle and just overall disrespect for everyone at that game. Not the best time to try and be a comedienne.


Most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows

On Monday it was announced that Madonna will be headlining the halftime show for this year's (well, 2012's) Super Bowl. As reactions and predictions started rolling in, I started thinking about the most memorable halftime shows in Super Bowl history.

Here are my top picks, in chronological order:

Michael Jackson, Super Bowl XXVII

Well, it’s Michael Jackson, so of COURSE it’s going to be a memorable halftime show. I'm sure the anticipation and buzz around this show was incredible, judging by the roar of the crowd. But what makes this performance particularly interesting is how he just kind of stands there for a full minute before turning his head…and then just stands there some more. Once he gets going, though, it’s clear why Jackson is the King of Pop.


NKOTB fans review the band in one tweet


Last week, we challenged our followers on Twitter to review New Kids on the Block in 140 characters or less, and we got a lot of great responses! You can find all of them by searching mentions of @TicketNetwork on Twitter, but I picked a few of my favorites to feature below. How would YOU review them in just 140 characters?

  • @Allijo99: Singing. Abs. Dancing. Abs. Five hot men. Abs.[...] A Wahlberg, 2 Knights, Joe and Danny. Did I mention abs?
  • @jthompson73: NKOTBSB concert was Heaven. A non stop Thrill Ride filled w/Hotness, Great Dancing n Singing, Excitement n LOVE. They ROCKED!
  • @Hollywood732: the @NKOTBSB was AWESOME it was the “boy band” concert of my dreams I felt like a teenager again and loved it
  • @sassycarmichael: As we danced our <3 out @NKOTB my 3 BFF’s & I were reminded that after 22 years, we were still Hanging just as Tough. MAGICAL
  • @MeganDafford: NKOTB can’t be summarized in just 140 characters. It was amazing, and Please Don’t Go Girl made my life complete.
  • @psychobabble5: being a fan since 7th grade and now in my thirties they still are and always will be…PHENOMENAL!
  • @Kimmie0218: Scrumptious
  • @brward131: I went to the NorCal @NKOTBSB concert. It was the most amazing, epic concert ever! One of the best nights of my life!!
  • @emdem0429: best reunion ever. They made that teenage obsession SO worth it. I think we are all having so much more fun this time around.
  • @nkotb_chickadee: How about in 1 word: AMAZEBALLS!
  • @justwrite115: If I could freeze time, I’d have done it 6/3/11 at the @NKOTB concert! Then I’d be stuck in my fave time period-Block Ages!
  • @saxy15: To me @NKOTB is a reputable, loving, down to earth talented group of guys that mean so much to me and my fellow Blockheads.
  • @Glad2BreMe: After 20ish+ years, my best friend & I FINALLY got to see @NKOTB ! It was AMAZING!<3ed the 1st show so much,got tix to a 2nd!
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