Best Katy Perry moments—Mohegan Sun, June 25, 2011

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Katy Perry on a swing

Katy Perry has been one of my favorite artists for a while, but I’d never seen her in concert until this past weekend. I’d heard mixed reviews: either she would be amazing or terrible. Turns out, the concert was pretty great overall, but there were five moments that stuck out as the best of the night. Check them out below.

  • Multiple costume changes: I counted 16 different costumes throughout the two hour concert, but the most impressive part was during “Hot and Cold,” when she changed about six times during the song. It was kind of like a magic show, but with pop music.
  • Justin Bieber dig: At one point KP asked for a guy to volunteer to come up on stage, and one guy happily obliged…until she told him he’d have to leave his shirt in his seat. He chickened out, and she quickly got another volunteer. But the best part was as she was thanking the second guy for being a good sport and being way cooler than that “Justin Bieber wannabe.” You could tell this was an off-the-cuff comment, meaning Katy’s pretty funny on her own.
  • Katy Perry peacock
  • Beatlemania girl: You know those videos of Beatles concerts where teenage girls are screaming and fainting because they can’t control their excitement? I had never seen it in person until one song when Katy brought a bunch of fans onstage to dance. One girl had her hands over her mouth the whole time, and two or three times suddenly ran over to give Katy a hug. It was adorable, and Katy took it in stride (instead of, you know, calling security).
  • FB update pic: This is the part where I realized Ms. Perry was a really cool person. After she brought fans onstage, she picked one and let her take a picture of the two of them for her Facebook profile, even making sure it was a good picture and letting her take a few extras to make sure everything came out ok. She was very gracious and down-to-earth with her fans.
  • Fireworks
  • Girl with glittery shoes: Okay, this has nothing to do with Katy Perry besides the fact that it took place at her concert, but one girl walking by told my friend he’d clearly forgotten to bring his glittery shoes, pointing to her own bright silver, sparkly shoes. I liked the shoes, and also the look on my friend’s face as he tried to come up with an appropriate comeback.


State of the Reunion: 5 bands that should go on tour again


It seems like 2011 is the year that bands are getting back together again. Every month I feel like I hear about another group that is going on a new tour after “x” amount of years, or ones that are rumored to return. This spring, Soundgarden, The Monkees, The Cars, and Buffalo Springfield all announced tours. The latter two completed short runs in May and June respectively, and Buffalo Springfield is planning more dates for the fall.

Some bands are the frequent subject of rumors about possible reunions. Most turn out to be fruitless, but occasionally something actually happens. For example, Davy Jones of the Monkees denied rumors of a reunion for several years, and then in January he announced one. So, with that in mind, I thought of five bands that I think should tour again, and judged the possibility of it happening.

Led Zeppelin

Why They Should Do It: Since breaking up in 1980, they've occasionally gotten back together. Unfortunately, every time they've worked together (1985, 1988, 1995, and 2007), it's ended in disaster. But I think there's hope. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham (son of the late drummer John Bonham) seem willing to work together. So it's only a matter of convincing Robert Plant to get on board.

Why It Might Happen: While a full tour seems unlikely, a one-off gig is certainly possible. As I mentioned above, they've done it before. Also, even though Plant insists that a tour will never happen again, that doesn't exclude the possibility of a single performance. The prospect of anything from these guys is slim right now, but time will tell.

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