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All this week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Mother's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their mothers. To share your own story and enter for a chance to win $75 in assorted gift cards, head over to the Awesome Mom Contest blog entry.

My Memory

Growing up, I was more of a "wild child," so getting me to sit still at an event for one or two hours wasn't really an option for my poor mother.

Though we don't have any memories of going to concerts or sporting events together when I was a child, I do have TONS of memories of my mom bringing me to The Lutz Museum, a local children's museum, and Wickham Park, an amazing park in my hometown that includes multiple playscapes, trails, and even a small zoo.

Now that I've grown up and I can handle sitting still (most of the time), my mom and I have a great time seeing productions such as Wicked and Cirque du Soleil when they are playing in our area! We love to have girls' nights, where we can grab dinner out and then go see a show.

See, it's never too late to start going to the theater with your mom! I can't wait for our next adventure — we want to see Blue Man Group!

My Mother Recommends:

Wicked [View tickets]
• Cirque du Soleil [View tickets]
• Blue Man Group [View tickets]

...for striking visuals and music! Memories: Danielle's Story

All this week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Mother's Day by sharing the staff's stories of events we've attended with our mothers. To share your own story and enter for a chance to win $75 in assorted gift cards, check out the Awesome Mom Contest.

My Memory

My mom loves getting out and going places. We've been to the Grand Canyon and had many silly mother-daughter adventures together. A few years ago, my mom said she wanted to go see a show just to get out of the house and do something different, so my dad bought tickets for The Lion King at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT. It was a surprise for me because I was her designated date!

When we first arrived at the theater, I thought my father had made a mistake in his choice of tickets because the place was swarmed with little kiddos and their grandparents. Here my mom and I (one hip young lady and one hip older lady) were standing amongst excited and jittery five-year-olds. I figured I'd give the show a chance, though — I mean, I loved the movie when it first came out all those years ago when I was just seven!

I'm glad I did because when we sat down and the show started, any doubt I had disappeared. The puppetry and the lighting made the show come to life! I never expected feeling the same excitement and captivation as the five-year-olds surrounding me, and I can guarantee that every person in that theater was in awe.

Of course, being the blubbering cry-babies that we are, my mother and I got the tissues out a couple of times during the show, but who wouldn't?! And even though it wasn't a Mother's Day present, it was still a great gift. I would recommend The Lion King to anyone in any age group!

My Mother Recommends:

The Lion King [View tickets]

...for all ages!

The TN Team will be celebrating Mother's Day all next week by sharing memories of live events we've attended with our moms. We want to hear your stories, too! And you know what that means...


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The contest begins NOW — 9:00 a.m. EDT on May 4 — and we'll collect your responses through 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 10. The next day, and just in time for Mother's Day, we'll share our favorite reader responses right here on the TN Team Blog and announce the contest winner!

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Don't forget to check out the last week of fanny pack posts if you haven't already. Stay tuned for future contests!

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In case you've missed the awesomeness that has been on our blog this past week, here's a review of what was posted:

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