Seriously Cute Saturday Post: Dachshund Puppies Love Bath Time

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Obviously, no one loves bath time as much as these puppies, who sprint up to the bathroom so quickly their owner has to run up the stairs after them. Then the little dogs rotate trying to jump up inside of the top, only their little lets are too tiny. Once they make it in, it's like a giant puppy jacuzzi. Enjoy!


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The first day back to work following a long weekend can be tough. But this baby elephant frolicking in the ocean water will melt your face off with its cute! The video surfaced back in June, but it's never too late to watch an adorable animal video. Check out the video below or, if you prefer photos, check the jump. Enjoy!


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Kid President Interviews Beyonce for World Humanitarian Day

Just in case you needed a little adorable to kick off your Saturday, Kid President — the adorable kid who has interviewed President Barack Obama — finally got to make his dream come true by interviewing Beyonce. He agreed that this interview was "probably" the most important he's ever done. (BTW, can I point out that Kid President made his first Beyonce video Aug. 8, and the video of his interview went up Aug. 18? Kid President is on his hustle; Beyonce delivers.)

Kid President's Letter to Beyonce


Kid President Interviews Beyonce


Dogs in love is cute, but dogs in love who inspire their owners to fall in love is even cuter. Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey, of England, met when their two service dogs, Venice and Rodd, took a liking to each other during a dog training course. Though there were other dogs in the class, Venice and Rodd were fond of one another — which eventually led to Claire and Mark becoming quite fond of one another, too. Check out the video here to hear about the "101 Dalmations"-esque romance in real life. (Pongo and Perdita would be proud!). In the meantime, a photo of the dogs in love (credit to

If you've ever wanted a job really, really bad, then you know the agonizing process between when you interview and when you get the call about whether you've landed the position. It's hard enough to go through that as an adult, but imagine as an 8-year-old aspiring Broadway star? Last week, PBS aired a documentary about Broadway's Annie and in it, included footage of eight little girls who received the call they'd been waiting for — yes, they would be cast in the show. Each child's parent caught their reaction to the news on video. Watching them get excited is like being told we landed our dream job, too.

11-Year-Old Georgi