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I'm pretty sure the title says all you need to know. Jump straight to the cute at :35!

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Three cute dad-related videos in honor of Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, which is tomorrow, in case you forget (and I really hope you didn't!), here are three really cute dad-related internet videos. Enjoy!

Dad/Jess Time

I briefly mentioned this video last month, but it's so cute I think it warrants mentioning again. The Google Chrome video tells the story of a father/daughter who recently lost their wife/mother... and the evolution of their father-daughter relationship because of it.


Do you love cute things? Do you especially love then those cute things happen to be puppies? What about multiple puppies in a laundry basket making the cutest little noises that only puppies can make? Yeah, happy Thursday!

Sad dog cries watching The Lion King

On Monday, I wrote about the best Disney songs, and the list was not without its tearjerkers. As much as Disney wants you to believe it's all whimsical and happy, the truth is that most of its movies will make viewers cry. There is no classic Disney film that's a bigger offender than "The Lion King" during that scene. You know what scene I'm talking about — just after Mufasa tries to rescue little Simba from the stampede... oh, God, it's so sad. As it turns out, dogs are not immune from having Disney feelings either, as evidenced by this video of a dog who can't hold it together during the emotional moment. It's so cute it almost makes you forget you're watching one of the saddest scenes ever.


Three irresistibly adorable pug dog videos

I haven't posted a puppy video in a while, so to make up for it, here are three super-cute pugs! The first is of a dog who gets scolded and is really sad about it. Happy Sundog!


Bad Scruffy

No idea if this dog's name is actually Scruffy, but he is so sad when he gets scolded! I think part of it is because his owner sounds like Mr. Rogers... and you'd cry, too, if Mr. Rogers scolded you.


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