The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys announce U.S. tour dates

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Rock bands The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys will take to the stage together next March. The blues-rock and indie-rock bands will kick off the slate of tour dates on March 2 in Cincinnati, OH. The two bands will give 15 concerts before signing off on March 23 in Norfolk, VA. Other cities the bands will visit include Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Minneapolis.

Chart showing normalized changes in ticket sales from 2007-2011 for The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.
Click to see full size. Chart is normalized, based on data from the TicketNetwork Exchange*. Arctic Monkeys didn't have a 2008 tour.

The Black Keys are touring in promotion of their newest album El Camino, which will be released tomorrow. The band, which has released six previous albums, was established in 2001 and since then has steadily risen to prominence. Since 2007, for example, the number of tickets sold on the TicketNetwork Exchange has risen by at least 40% every year*.

Their touring partners, Arctic Monkeys, were formed in 2002, and were actually the more in-demand act until last year, when The Black Keys surpassed them in ticket sales. A longer tour this year helped them sell more tickets, though The Black Keys remain more popular.


Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne Tour begins tonight and tickets are selling like hotcakes. According to TicketNetwork Exchange data*, approximately 17% of all ticket sales for the tour have been made in the last seven days. In contrast, the previous week's sales only accounted for 6% of tickets sold. The concerts are arriving quickly now, so people who want to attend them know that if they don't get tickets now they might lose out.

However, not all of the tickets sold were for folks late to the game for the concerts in Atlanta tonight and tomorrow. In fact, the largest chunk of tickets sold in that period, or about a third, is for the two Madison Square Garden dates next weekend. A smaller amount of tickets were sold for dates that are farther out.

Percentage of Watch The Throne Tickets Sold Per Venue from 10/21 to 10/27
Click the chart to see the original size.

After leaving Atlanta, the duo will travel up and down the east coast for the first half of the tour. Then they'll head west and south for the second half of the tour. It will end on December 18.

If you don't want to miss out on seeing Jay-Z and Kanye West in concert together, then be sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible!

*As of 10/28/2011 12:00 p.m. EDT. Percentages may fluctuate based on market demand.

Electronic music goes mainstream

DJ performing at a nighclub.

On Monday MTV News published a story about Tiësto's hit event at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. A few years ago one could not have imagined that a DJ like Tiësto could fill stadiums, at least not in the U.S. Electronic music has a more storied history in the UK, but in the States it has largely been relegated to nightclubs, at least until recently.

That began changing a couple years ago when pop and R&B artists like Britney Spears and Rihanna began incorporating elements of electronic music into their own work. Around the same time electronic genres like dubstep found an audience among young music listeners.

Fast forward two years and Tiësto has 26,000 people jamming to his work. Not to be forgotten are deadmau5 and Owl City, who were already popular among electronic music fans in the U.S. So what does all this mean? Is electronic music becoming the next big thing in the concert industry? It's possible, and the data is there to support it.


Detroit Lions ticket prices and searches surge

The Detroit Lions dismissed the Chicago Bears last night on Monday Night Football and are now 5-0, the best start for the franchise since 1956. Young stars including Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh have helped change the culture in Detroit from one that accepted losing to one that expects to win every game. Judging by the crowd noise at Ford Field on Monday night, the fans have embraced the winning attitude as well.

I decided to take a look at some of the average ticket prices of all the Lions home games over the past two seasons to see if there was a significant difference from one year to the next. The answer is quite simply… yes. The average price paid by fans to attend a game in Detroit has gone up by nearly 37%, from $73.25 in 2010 to $100.06 in 2011. If you compare the three home games against each of their NFC North rivals, you can see the stark contrast.

Lions Avg. Price vs. Rivals
Data based on average ticket price paid for Lions home games, 2010 vs. 2011.

While this year's game against the Minnesota Vikings had a modest increase, it's the Lions games against the Bears and Green Bay Packers that really illustrate the year-to-year difference. Both games have seen an increase of more than 100% in average price, with the Packers game up more than 112% from 2010.


Guns N' Roses tour attracts Florida and Texas residents

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses is going on tour! It's a tour that lacks Slash and the rest of the classic lineup, but that hasn't deterred fans from getting tickets. So far, the group is most popular in Florida and Texas. Over 42% of all orders for the tour are for the shows in those two states. While there are two dates in each state, compared to just one show in other locations, the number of orders for each show is still higher than anywhere else.


So what about attendance? Which state can stake a claim as holding the most Guns N' Rose fans? Unsurprisingly, most attendees are residents of the states that are doing the best in orders. For example, over 18% of tour attendees are from Florida and 17% are from Texas, and those are the two states that have the most orders.