Festivals attract mostly in-state ticket buyers

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Pie chart with distances traveled to get to Coachella
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With summer here, a lot of people are opting to go to music festivals, and why not? Many of them are three or four days long, and in that time, you often have over 100 bands to choose from. They're a good deal for the price.

I looked at three festivals – Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits – to see where ticket buyers are coming from. I already knew, by looking at other concert data, that people tend to stick close to home when choosing what they want to see.

It makes sense, given the recession, plus rising gas and airfare prices. However, I went into this research expecting the opposite to happen with festivals. Unlike tours, I saw festivals more as destination events: something people plan an entire week-long trip around.


2011 Stanley Cup Recap: Bruins take down the Canucks

After two months and 89 playoff games, the National Hockey League has finally crowned its 2011 Stanley Cup champion as the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night.

It was definitely not an easy road for the Bruins this postseason, having to win three Game 7's in four rounds, but it made the win that much sweeter for their fans (as evidenced by the video below). The championship is the first for Boston in nearly 40 years, and it solidified Boston as the city of champions in the last decade, with all four pro teams winning at least one title.B's goalie Tim Thomas stopped a NHL playoff record 798 shots over the course of the postseason and won the Conn Smythe Award as the playoffs’ most valuable player. The Stanley Cup will make its way through the streets of Boston as the Bruins celebrate with fans during the team's victory parade this Saturday.

In Vancouver, the Stanley Cup Finals did not end as fans had hoped and, well, they acted a little crazy. Scratch that, A LOT crazy. Downtown Vancouver was filled with angry fans flooding the streets, flipping cars, starting fires and harassing the local police. The city at least is living up to its reputation; they did the same thing in 1994 after they lost in the Stanley Cup Finals to the New York Rangers.


2011 MLB Interleague Play resumes this week

When it comes to Major League Baseball's Interleague Play, there are both fans and critics. On one hand, it gives baseball fans a chance to see their team play against some of the best teams the other league has to offer. On the other hand, it creates an unbalanced schedule, giving some teams a competitive advantage.

Well, get ready to pick a side, because the 2011 MLB Interleague schedule resumes this Friday, June 17, and there is plenty to look forward to. Of course, there is a lot to avoid as well.

Best Interleague Series

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Boston Red Sox - June 28-30 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA

Why it's awesome: Both the Red Sox and Phillies were the big offseason winners this year, which instantly made both the preseason favorites among most of the MLB experts to make it to the World Series in October. This series will give fans a taste of the postseason during Interleague, which is one of the reasons Major League Baseball introduced it in 1997. The Red Sox are widely viewed as having the best lineup in baseball, while the Phillies have unquestionably the best pitching rotation, meaning something has to give and baseball fans will be the big winners.


2011 NBA Finals preview: Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

The 2011 NBA Finals will tip off on Tuesday, May 31, at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, as LeBron James and the Miami Heat play Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

Larry O'Brien Trophy
Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

For many of the players who take the court during the Finals, this series could define how their careers are forever viewed. Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki and point guard Jason Kidd have combined to play 28 seasons in the NBA, making the All-Star team 20 of those seasons, but have never won a title. Winning a championship would cement their legacies in the league as two of the best to ever play their positions.

Miami Heat forwards LeBron James and Chris Bosh have similarly never won a title, but unlike their Maverick counterparts, they have pressure to win for a whole different reason. James and Bosh "took their talents to South Beach" last offseason and promised their fans multiple championships, and they have been the focus of plenty of negativity from other fan bases. Individually, James will be looking to step out of the shadow of great players before him and get off of the list of greatest players never to win a title.

The series will not be the first time these two teams play for the NBA title; in 2006, the Heat won their only championship in franchise history when they beat the Mavericks four games to two. In that series, the Mavericks won the first two games and were up 13 points with just minutes to play in the fourth quarter of Game 3. The Heat rallied to win that game, and ended up winning the next three as well to win the series and the NBA Championship.


Our customers really want to see American Idols Live

It’s not a secret that American Idol is popular and has been since the series premiered in 2002. Idol has had its ups and downs, but it’s still one of the highest rated series on television, even after 10 years.

Just as popular is the summer tour that runs after each season. Regardless of how the season’s finalists ultimately do in the music industry after their time on Idol, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they have fans who want to see their favorite finalist at least one more time.

Ticket Sales

The first round of tickets went on sale the weekend before last, so I decided to look into how well the tour has done. It turns out that tickets have sold very well indeed. In fact, Idol is by far the best-selling concert tour for May on our exchange. A vast majority of Idols tickets that have sold thus far - over 62% - were bought on the week of the 8th. Last week, sales slowed down but continued at a fair clip nonetheless.

The Attendees

So just who is going to American Idols Live? Here’s a map of ticket buyers by region.

Map of American Idols Live ticket buyers

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