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Brownies vs. Cookies

Rarely is there a day around the offices that chocolate chip cookies, brownies or various other sweet treats are not discussed (and on good days, eaten). Today we decided to have our two resident experts in the field of baking sciences, Liz and Allison, have a little debate on which dessert is best: brownies or chocolate chip cookies?


Liz: Allison's going to try and convince you that chocolate chip cookies are better than brownies, but she's wrong, and I'll tell you why:

1. Brownies are made entirely of chocolate. And you can add more chocolate to them. Why would you want a dessert with so little chocolate? Way too much boring cookie in chocolate chip cookies if you ask me.

2. It's easy to eat as much as you want, and ONLY as much as you want, because brownies can be whatever size (and shape, for that matter) as you want them to be. What if you want to eat somewhere between one and two cookies? That's just awkward.

3. You can decorate brownies like you can cakes. And put candles in it. All the advantages of cake, except better.

4. You can add way more stuff to brownies than you can to cookies. Nuts, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, fruit…the possibilities are endless! As soon as you add more than chocolate chips to chocolate chip cookies…they aren't just chocolate chip cookies anymore.

5. Brownies have something for everyone. If you like desserts a little gooey, take the middle. Like a lot of crunch? Take a corner piece. Easy to please a whole crowd all at the same time.


Are Transformers superheroes? Let the debate begin!

So yesterday we had quite a debate around the office about whether Transformers count as superheroes or not. It even came up in our team meeting, and the discussion got quite heated, with no clear winner. Transformers So we decided to take the debate to our blog and let you all weigh in. Tim and Mike both fought hard for their sides, so below you can see each of their arguments. Once you've decided which side of the line you fall on, take our poll and let us know whether YOU think Transformers should count as superheroes. And if you would like to expand upon your answer, tell us why you chose what you did in the comments. Let the debate begin!