Elephant And Dog Make Unlikely Best Friends

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What's cuter than video of a dog and elephant who are best friends? A video of a dog and elephant best friend duo set to "You've Got a Friend In Me" (yes, the "Toy Story" song). Bubbles and Bella will totally help you get through hump day. Check out the video below!


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Seriously Cute Saturday Post: Dachshund Puppies Love Bath Time

Obviously, no one loves bath time as much as these puppies, who sprint up to the bathroom so quickly their owner has to run up the stairs after them. Then the little dogs rotate trying to jump up inside of the top, only their little lets are too tiny. Once they make it in, it's like a giant puppy jacuzzi. Enjoy!


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3 Well-Trained Dogs That Do Amazing Tricks

I took an obedience class with my Maltese and he's not-so-bad at doing things. He can sit. He can give paw. He can spin. But he can't skateboard, run backwards, or do handstands. These dogs can. These Australian Shepherds are amazing! Check out their tricks below and comment to let us know which video is your favorite.

Skateboarding doggie



Dogs in love is cute, but dogs in love who inspire their owners to fall in love is even cuter. Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey, of England, met when their two service dogs, Venice and Rodd, took a liking to each other during a dog training course. Though there were other dogs in the class, Venice and Rodd were fond of one another — which eventually led to Claire and Mark becoming quite fond of one another, too. Check out the video here to hear about the "101 Dalmations"-esque romance in real life. (Pongo and Perdita would be proud!). In the meantime, a photo of the dogs in love (credit to DogHeirs.com):


What People Are Talking About

Now that our Independence Day celebrations are over, we're talking about weird baby names, dogs who perform good deeds, and kid movies done right.

Unique baby names

Last week, everyone was up in arms about the news that Kim and Kanye had named their first daughter North... West. Not that it matters what I think, but I don't hate it. I think it's kind of funny. Anyway, this week, it came out that 146 other babies in the U.S. joined the "unique baby name" bandwagon — they were all named Khaleesi, a made up word from the George R. R. Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" books and HBO's "Game of Thrones" television series. The name means "queen" in the Dothraki language. To be fair... Daenerys Targaryen AKA Khaleesi has definitely had some of the best scenes in all of "Game of Thrones." So I will reserve my judgment.