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With how frequently dog videos get posted here, I don't think it's much of a secret that we love them. They can't help that they're so adorable and smart and funny! So this week, we pay homage to dogs, with a special dog-themed post. Check out dogs giving their masters a warm welcome, a dog playing the best game of fetch ever, and a commercial that will make you want to run out and get a dog of your own.

Dogs welcome soldiers home

Soldiers coming home is enough to make anyone emotional. Capturing that on video for everyone to see adds an extra dose of emotion. Add a reunion with beloved pets and some upbeat music into the mix, and suddenly it's just good feelings all around, forever. This compilation video, which surfaced earlier this week, features dogs of all kinds, but my favorite is the huge doggie at the end who's so happy to see his human that he gives him a big ol' hug.


Animals were in the news kind of a lot this week, so I wanted to just roll with it with What People Are Talking About (animal edition!). It's appropriate considering this week dogs FINALLY got their own app! Where My Dogs At is a social networking app that lets dog owners connect and share things like dog friendly spots and photos of their pets. (For real.) This week, we're talking about a dog that survives a tornado, cats become the latest fashion accessory, and a surfing dog is so awesome he'll make you cry.

Dog survives tornado

In undoubtedly one of the most emotional reunions ever, a dog and its owner found one another in the aftermath of the horrific Oklahoma tornado. While giving an interview with CBS about the tornado's devastation, Barbara Garcia shared the story of how she and her dog were huddled inside their home, taking cover in their bathroom. The two were separated in the chaos and Barbara assumed her dog had been lost to the tornado. But just moments into the interview, her dog pops up, alive, in the rubble! Barbara, with the help of the CBS news crew, is able to free her dog, resulting in a totally amazing (and slightly tear-jerking) reunion.


Sad dog cries watching The Lion King

On Monday, I wrote about the best Disney songs, and the list was not without its tearjerkers. As much as Disney wants you to believe it's all whimsical and happy, the truth is that most of its movies will make viewers cry. There is no classic Disney film that's a bigger offender than "The Lion King" during that scene. You know what scene I'm talking about — just after Mufasa tries to rescue little Simba from the stampede... oh, God, it's so sad. As it turns out, dogs are not immune from having Disney feelings either, as evidenced by this video of a dog who can't hold it together during the emotional moment. It's so cute it almost makes you forget you're watching one of the saddest scenes ever.


Since I talked about "The Office" finale at length already, I won't include that in this week's post. But just know this: OMG. In addition to "The Office," we'll also say goodbye to an SNL cast member; the cutest graduate said goodbye to college; and Barbara Walters says goodbye to television.

Bill Hader leaves SNL

This week, Bill Hader announced that Saturday's SNL episode will be his last. His decision to leave the show follows that news that Seth Meyers will be leaving Weekend Update to take over Jimmy Fallon's late-night hosting gig. Hader told the New York Times, "It was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point." For eight years, Hader played characters like the smarmy game show host; Herb Welch, a not-so-great reporter; and, of course, Stefon, a frequent Weekend Update guest who gave tips for the hottest spots in NYC, usually in the form of nightclubs that were so bizarre Hader couldn't stay in character. (See a mash-up of great Stefon moments in the video.) Mostly, Bill Hader was one of those SNL members who seemed like he'd be on the show forever. And we kinda liked it that way.


I love a good excuse to look at puppies. I especially have a soft spot for fluffy, pudgy, stumpy puppies. Here are three irresistibly adorable videos to get you through your Wednesday. Enjoy!