Les Miserables and other top theater-to-Hollywood movies

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So, the Les Miserables film is coming out on Christmas day. Yeah, you have families and all, but the star-studded cast might just be enough to pull some of us out of the jolly holiday and get to the movie theater.

First there’s Hugh Jackman, AKA Wolverine in the X-Men movies. He also starred in a bunch of other things, including the actual Wolverine film (which we won’t talk about), but all that really matters is he’s delightfully Australian and nice to look at. There’s also Russell Crowe, Sacha Baron Cohen, and then three ladies it’s impossible not to love: Anne Hathaway (she’s Catwoman AND the Princess of Genovia), Amanda Seyfried (who was in the best film of all time, Mean Girls), and Helena Bonham Carter (she was in Fight Club, y’all!).

Basically: this film will probably be great, just for the casting choices alone. And if it’s not, well, it wouldn’t be the first theater-turned-Hollywood film to be awful. I’m looking at you, Raise Your Voice.

And this is coming from someone who actually likes Hilary Duff.

But let’s not talk about the bad – how about some really great transitions from theater to the silver screen?