Ok, Enough With The Pumpkin Flavored Products Already!

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For as long as anyone can remember, pumpkin pie has been synonymous with the fall season and staple come Thanksgiving; but that used to be where pumpkin as a flavor ended. In recent years however, that has all changed. Coffee and beer were the two products that adopted the pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavors, both of which turned out to be extremely popular.

I must admit, I am no fan of the fall season, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on pumpkin flavored coffee. I'm afraid though, that pumpkin flavored products have already jumped the shark.


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5 Best And Worst Parts of Going To The Fair


It's the time of year when we enjoy the cool, outdoor weather by heading to state and county fairs. There's games, food, rides, crafts, and animals to enjoy.

While state fairs began in the 19th century for the purpose of promoting state agriculture, these days, fairs are about amusement rides, over-the-top fried foods, and entertainment. Most fairs keep the agriculture and livestock aspect in tact, but it's only one portion of a larger experience.

That said, the experience isn't always a great one. Here are the top 5 best and worst things about attending local fairs.


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Battle Of The Seasons: Your Pick For Best Season Is...

Four seasons

As you know from our posts earlier this week, the TN Team has been arguing over which season they think is best. Was it fall, with its pumpkin-flavored foods and fall foliage? Was it winter, with its extreme sports and winter holidays? Was it spring, with its blooming flowers and sports? Or was it fall, with its fun summer activities and barbecues?

While we did our best to make a case for our respective favorites, we also wanted to give our readers a chance to weigh in. So we asked around on social media to you tell us which season reigned supreme. And YOUR choice for the best season is (drumroll please)...


Battle Of The Seasons: Why Fall Is The Best

Fall foliage

It's officially fall... which means it's officially the best time of the year. That's right, I said it. Fall is easily the best season in the New England area. It's so awesome it is frequently referred to by two names because its wonder cannot be contained by just one name.

Why Fall Is The Best

Fall foliage. Jumping in leaf piles, especially as a kid, is the best. Raking leaves may not be fun, but neither is clearing snow off your car or dealing with pollen. Fall is, hands down, the prettiest season. Dreamysigh. Fall foliage is such a big deal that there are entire websites dedicated to mapping out the best times to see the most magnificent colors. (This live map details the peak times to visit.) People travel to New England just for the experience of seeing fall foliage, much like they'd road trip to see the Grand Canyon, because they understand how awesome it is to see the vibrant colors in person. The changing leaves are not representative of death so much as the circle of life — and, since I know how much we all love "The Lion King," we should be pleased that fall is pretty much the epitome of the meaning behind that song. Thanks, fall!



What People Are Talking About

Let's ignore the whole Miley Cyrus thing and instead talk about an adorable love song, a weird comedy show, and a delicious fall flavor.

96-Year-Old Writes the Sweetest Love Song

Fred and Lorraine's story is a unique one. The couple had been together for 75 years (married for 73), when Lorraine recently passed away. Following the loss, Fred felt inspired not only to write a song for the love of his life, but to submit it into a song-writing competition hosted by Green Shoe Studio. The company was so moved by Fred's story that they produced and recorded his song, and filmed the entire process and now, Fred's song "Oh Sweet Lorraine" is available on iTunes. The short documentary, appropriately called "Letter From Fred," will warm your heart and make you cry.