Happy birthday, TN Team Blog!

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Happy birthday TN Team blog!

Exactly one year ago today, the TN Team Blog was born. So today we're celebrating the blog's first birthday in our offices with cookies AND brownies (for the full debate, see here). In addition, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite posts over the past year. Enjoy!

Liz's Favorite: "Funny Flowchart: Do you have Bieber Fever?"

This was Tim's masterpiece way back in June. Not sure if you have the fever? You need this quiz.

Tim's Favorite: "Showdown: Crazy Ballpark Food vs. the Nutritionist"

This was one of our very first posts. Tim and I are still trying to plan a road trip to go get some delicious pulled pork pierogi stackers.

Mike's Favorite: "Athletes in local commercials = embarrassing"

"I have a video production background, so my love for this post comes mainly from the Larry Bird commercial. As you might know, Larry is standing in front of a blue screen, which is used to create a background behind a person while they're speaking or acting. I like to imagine that the producers intended to use the screen to show some kind of snazzy imagery while Bird was giving his endorsement, but weren't able to get it to work on the day of production. They had Larry booked, though, so they couldn't change the shoot location on such short notice. The other commercials featured have just as much fail to them; that dance scene in the Odgen spot is just so random." — Mike

Allison's Favorite: "Video: 5 Cyber Monday shopping tips"

"This special video blog post has everything: Action, intrigue, heartbreak, crates of pears. So even though I really enjoy looking at pictures of Jimi Hendrix in a fanny pack, I'd have to say that the Cyber Monday blog post is my all-time-favorite from the past year." — Allison

Danielle's Favorite: "Bring Back the Pack: A not-so-true history of the fanny pack"

"I especially liked the post about the not-so-true history of the fanny pack because it was hilarious! The images of famous (or infamous) historical figures wearing fanny packs cracked me up!" — Danielle

Erin's Favorite: "These funny Bruins commercials will make you a Bruins fan"

"These are hilarious commercials that appeal to both hockey and non-hockey fans. Gotta love it. Close runners-up: 'Bring Back the Pack: Awesome fanny packs photo gallery' (come on, obviously just because it's awesome and the pics are funny...and you know I'm a life-long fanny pack supporter) and 'What people are talking about this week: One Direction' (as much as I wanted to hate them, I somehow am now their fan club president...not literally, but you know what I mean)." — Erin

What's your favorite post from our first year? And how long do YOU think a blog-year is? Tell us in the comments!

Announcing the winner of our Bring Back the Pack contest...

TicketNetwork fanny pack

It's Amy! She was chosen out of dozens and dozens of entries to win our fully loaded TicketNetwork fanny pack. We'd like to thank everyone who entered; it shows how much people still love and cherish the wonder that is the fanny pack.

Although the contest winner was chosen randomly, we'd like to highlight some of our favorite entries of the week. Enjoy!

  • "because I like saying 'Fanny'" —Andrew
  • "Nothing screams Patriotism more then sporting my Red, White, and Blue Stars and Stripes sequin Fanny Pack! They are a multipurpose accessory for any occasion!" —Nick, the founder of International Fanny Pack Day
  • "At concerts they are a great way to keep everything close and secure so Ya can rock!! LOL" —Denise
  • "To carry everything you might need for an event without having to carry anything." —Susan
  • "Ain't nothin' lackin' when you're fanny packin'" —Andrew
  • "People say they are geeky or uncool. I think they are great!!! I am always right!" —Meredith
  • "Because when you're bike touring with thousands of people, the girl with the neon fanny pack makes the most friends." —Amy (yes, THAT Amy)

Don't forget to check out the last week of fanny pack posts if you haven't already. Stay tuned for future contests!

TicketNetwork fanny pack

It's the last day of our Bring Back the Pack week here at the TN Team Blog, which means it's also your last chance to enter to win a fully loaded TicketNetwork fanny pack! Click here to enter!

In case you've missed the awesomeness that has been on our blog this past week, here's a review of what was posted:

5 reasons why fanny packs are so cool: Mike kicks off our Bring Back the Pack campaign with five great reasons to start using fanny packs in your everyday life.

A not-so-true history of the fanny pack: I give a completely (not at all) true account of famous fanny packs throughout history.

Awesome Fanny Packs Photo Gallery: Danielle and Erin bring you some amazing photographic evidence of just how versatile fanny packs can be.

Happy International Fanny Pack Day!: Erin provides the origins of International Fanny Pack Day and asks that you contribute to your local food back to celebrate.

Who says fanny packs can't be stylish?: Our guest fashion blogger Hannah shows you three stylish ways to pull off the fanny pack look.

Using your fanny pack at a festival: Mike gives tips on what to carry in your festival fanny pack to be prepared for all eventualities.

What's Inside Celebrity Fanny Packs?: Tim guesses what celebrities keep in their fanny packs.

Contest ends tonight at midnight! Winner announced tomorrow!

Bring Back the Pack-Enter to win a fully-loaded fanny pack

Bring Back the Pack: What's inside celebrity fanny packs?

For the past week, we have talked extensively about fanny packs and all their uses as part of our Bring Back the Pack Contest (Only 2 days left, click here enter!). The wonders of fanny packs have not gone unnoticed by celebrities who have been caught on camera rockin' some sweet fanny packs.

So that got me wondering...what do these celebrities put inside their fanny packs? I found pictures of some celebs and took my best guess at what they needed to keep with them at all times.

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Items Include:

  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Dancing shoes
  • Her self-titled album
  • Bronzer
  • Proactiv

Bring Back the Pack contest update: only 3 days left!

We are now five days into our Bring Back the Pack contest, and we can tell that there are a lot of people out there who truly love fanny packs and want to see them make a huge comeback. So far, people have talked about how fanny packs are great for traveling, going to amusement parks, keeping things safe and for going to concerts. We have also had people who just like saying the word "fanny" (I'm looking at you Andrew G.). One thing is for sure, fanny packs are incredibly versatile and great for everyone!

As of 11:45 this morning, we have nearly 80 entries in the Bring Back the Pack contest, but we want more! Click on the banner below to enter the contest for yourself.

Bring Back the Pack-Enter to win a fully-loaded fanny pack

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