Bring Back the Pack: Who says fanny packs can't be stylish?

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This week we have talked a lot about fanny packs, most of the time using ridiculous pictures along the way. But today, we thought it would be good to give our readers some real fanny pack fashion tips! Check out the post below from fashion blogger Hannah for a few style tips.

Hello there! I am Hannah, the outfit curator at Tattoos and Pearls. Tattoos and Pearls is my personal style blog where I post my daily outfits in order to define and shape my personal style, share links to other fashion bloggers and help others plan outfits for special occasions.

I could not have been more excited when I was contacted to guest post in honor of International Fanny Pack Day. Coming from a home where my mother wore her purple fanny pack daily, I am well aware of the versatility of them. I have put together three outfits for ladies looking to sport this hip-hugging gear:

The Tailgating Fanny Pack Outfit

This outfit encompasses how all of us ladies want to look while tailgating for our favorite college football team: sporty yet put together. I think representing the school colors in a stripe is the perfect way to be in the team spirit without going overboard, so add a hat to honor your team. Your fanny pack will be crucial in holding an extra ping pong ball, bottle opener, spare ketchup packets and your game ticket!


While some people probably don’t even know this holiday exists, many Americans wait for this day all year! International Fanny Pack Day began a few years ago when Nick Yates received his first fanny pack and an experience that will stick with him for a lifetime.

Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Millions of people in the U.S. and around the world go hungry everyday. Please help in the fight against hunger; donate to your local food bank today and help us celebrate International Fanny Pack Day properly! Click the link below to find your nearest food bank:

Find a Food Bank in Your Area »

A few days before Christmas, Yates was en route to the bus station with a belt bag packed and strapped around his waist when he came across a homeless man. Yates, being the giving individual that he is, stopped in front of the man, only to hear him say “Nice fanny pack, chief.” He was unfazed by this rude comment and pulled out some food wrapped in tin foil, which he then handed to the man and continued walking. Yates was about a block away when he heard the man scream, “A freaking fruitcake?”

Although the homeless man’s attitude was rude and unthankful, it was because of this exchange that Yates put fanny packs and food charity in the same category. He began using his fanny pack for the purpose of bringing food to Portland, Oregon’s homeless and hungry, and later to Boise, Idaho’s homeless as well. Yates declared March 10, 2007, International Fanny Pack Day, and since then it has become an annual charity event for the Idaho Food Bank. Check it out, he even started a Facebook Page for it! We recommend that everyone donates to their local food bank to pay it forward! Find your nearest food bank HERE. You don’t have to wear a fanny pack while doing it, but we highly recommend that you do!

Bring Back the Pack-Enter to win a fully-loaded fanny pack

Granny Fannys

Fanny packs! We love them, and there are so many different types! (Note the "Granny Fanny" on the left.) If you're looking for the right fanny pack for that certain someone, we have a list of fanny packs that suit any age, personality, or gender. From fine or funky to fashionable and fabulous, we've found just about every sort of fanny pack on the spectrum.

Any true fanny pack fan will appreciate the ones we've spotted. Some of these go beyond their intended function, but we still thought we'd slide them into the list. We hope you like 'em!


Throughout this week, you will see lots of fanny pack-related posts about why they're awesome and who's wearing them today as we continue our Bring Back the Pack contest (to enter, click here). But did you know that fanny packs have been around for centuries? We dug through the archives and found photographic evidence (paintings count, too) that some of history's greatest figures utilized the ingenius invention that is the fanny pack.

Joan of Arc in a fanny pack

Joan of Arc

The first recorded use of the fanny pack was in 1430, when now-Saint Joan of Arc was leading the French Army to victory during the Hundred Years' War. Records show she stored important keepsakes in her fanny pack; how was she supposed to hold on to them and wield weapons at the same time?

Photo by exousia.etsy at Flickr
Photo by exousia.etsy at Flickr

In the contest post, Tim wrote that fanny packs are useful, stylish, and just plain cool. There are so many benefits to them that they need an entire post just to host them. So here are five reasons why fanny packs are so cool:

Hands-free storage

So you have a bunch of things you need to lug around. What do you do? Well, if you're a woman, you might have a purse, but maybe you want something that you don't have to carry. Or maybe you're a guy, for whom a purse is even more of social no no than a fanny pack. So the pack offers an alternative to something that can easily be misplaced or stolen and, for some people, the only option they really have.

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